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Customized shoes for your company


Are you looking for customized pairs of shoes with your company's colors? We offer a B2B service starting at 3 pairs. Personalized shoes are a trendy and powerful marketing tool for your company's reputation. Whether you want to please your employees or your most loyal customers, make a lasting impression at a trade show or create a buzz on social networks, personalized shoes are your ideal ally. We have been customizing shoes for professionals and individuals since 2015. Each pair is handmade with the greatest care in our workshop located in Belgium. We have acquired a unique know-how to offer you competitive prices in small and large quantities.

Corporate gifts

It is customary at the end of the year to give employees a gift to thank them for their work. Why not give them personalized shoes? In addition to pleasing your employees, personalized shoes with your company's colors will help create a spirit of cohesion within your teams. They are also an indirect but extremely effective way to develop your company's reputation and arouse curiosity.

Exhibitions and events

At an industry trade show, the real challenge for a company is to stand out from its competitors. Why not get a head start by outfitting your sales staff with custom shoes that feature your company's logo? Customized shoes will catch the eye of future customers and give your company a strong brand image.


There is nothing like a uniform to create an image of excellence and quality for a company. Why not complement this uniform with a pair of personalized shoes with your company logo? This will further strengthen your brand image and the harmony of your employees' uniforms.

Marketing campaign

Sneakers are on the rise, limited editions are sold at a high price and have become a coveted item worn by the biggest stars. Why not create your own limited edition with your brand's colors and create a buzz on social networks? Realize a daring marketing campaign with personalized sneakers that will surely leave a mark on your customers' minds.

Test with your logo

Make your choice of shoes, upload your logo and place it on the shoe.

Found the perfect combination?


Why use Double G Customs for your custom corporate shoes?


We have been customizing shoes for professionals and individuals since 2015. With thousands of pairs coming out of our workshop, our know-how in terms of shoe customization is no longer to be proven.

Custom in Belgium

Your pairs are personalized by hand by our artists in Belgium. Each of our employees has undergone extensive in-house customization training, which guarantees you precise, high-quality work.


From the mini production of 3 pairs for a startup to the production of a thousand custom sneakers for a large company, we will assist you in your project to create custom pairs.


Customizing sneakers is our business, that's why we will guide you in the graphic creation of your project according to the specificities of the shoe model you have selected.

A wide choice

We mainly work with Converse, Nike and Adidas models but are also willing to work on other models. In the case of large production runs, we can also offer you the production of a specific model for your project via our partner factories.