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Wedding shoes

Wedding shoes

Let the wedding shoe trend guide you!

For a few years now, weddings have seen a new trend arrive... Do you know which one? Brides and grooms are now tempted to wear sneakers on their big day! But why is this trend all the rage? On this busy day of happiness, brides and grooms don't want to put comfort aside. And during a good day of marathon, the well-being passes, obviously, by the good choice of shoes of marriage! Instead of being uncomfortable in heels or even suit shoes, the bride and groom opt for comfortable personalized sneakers!

The newest wedding trend is loved for its comfort and flexibility! Comfortable wedding shoes are not mandatory and can be worn at any time. Some brides and grooms choose to wear them for the entire day and others choose to wear them only after their first dance. It's up to you to choose the right time to wear your wedding shoes personalized ones. Moreover, the trend leaves the choice to the future bride and groom. Indeed, they can select a pair of wedding shoes among a wide choice of sneakers according to their tastes and desires. All that's left is to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes!

Are you going to be led by the wedding shoe trend?

Unique wedding shoes!

The wedding is a special day in the life of each person. For this wonderful day, a simple pair of wedding shoes is not enough! Double G Customs offers you to customize shoes to make them unique for your big day! wedding shoes to make them unique for the big day! With the help of a custom design module, you will be able to complete your pair of wedding sneakers with different elements of personalization such as rhinestones, pearls, bows, inscriptions, drawings, etc. There is everything you need to design unique wedding shoes! We advise you to let your personality and imagination run wild while customizing your wedding shoes! This way, your wedding shoes will be 100% yours!

Your customization ideas are unfortunately not feasible via the customization module? Don't panic, Double G Customs has thought of everything! Unique customization projects can be realized by our professionals! The team will be delighted to create a unique pair of wedding shoes especially for you! How do I go about it? Simply contact us and tell us as much as possible about your wedding shoes customization project. A few photos can illustrate your ideas.

What will you put on your wedding shoes to make them unique?

A wonderful wedding shoe store

For some brides and grooms, it is more difficult to create wedding shoes because they don't have the time or simply don't have the inspiration to customize! The wonderful online store at Double G Customs is full of already customized wedding shoes! In just a few clicks, your pair of wedding shoes will be ready for the big day. A large choice of personalized wedding shoes is available in the store: with or without rhinestones, with the famous inscription " Just Married ", with the date of your wedding, etc. The wedding shoes available are from Adidas, Nike, Converse or even Double G customs's own brand. You will surely find the pair of wedding shoes that suits you!

In this online store, it is also possible to find accessories to enhance your pair of wedding shoes! Satin or tulle laces can bring a touch of fantasy to your pair of wedding shoes. While the little golden jewels of the " Charme Lacets Just Married " will add elegance to your pair of wedding shoes.

The wedding shoes in the store also serve as inspiration! It is sometimes difficult to choose a customization for wedding shoes... A little tour in the store will allow you to see what it is possible to do on your wedding shoes. The online store is a real source of inspiration for the creation of your wedding shoes!

The valuable work of Double G Customs

Since 2015, Double G Customs has been dedicated to customizing wedding shoes to add a touch of originality on the big day! Our wish is to allow all brides and grooms to spend a pleasant day in comfortable and stylish wedding sneakers! No matter what your wedding shoe budget is, it is always possible to create custom sneakers for the occasion. The brand's flagship wedding shoe collection is centered around the famous inscription " Just Married ".

The team of Double G Customs personalizes your wedding shoes in their workshop located in Belgium. The professionals carry out the customization of the wedding shoes by hand using stencils. A meticulous and time-consuming work which allows to obtain an authentic and aesthetic pair of wedding shoes!

Wedding shoes are important to you, we take care of them before they arrive at your home! For this, a quality packaging for your wedding shoes has been thought by Double G Customs ! Your wedding shoes are wrapped in a white silk paper and a beautiful white and gold box. Some little surprises are waiting for you inside the wedding shoes packaging!

Personalized wedding shoes for the bride and groom

On your wedding day, you don't want anyone to steal the show and we understand! To help you, why not wear wedding shoes ? You and your partner can put your personality on display by customizing the shoes. wedding sneakers.

There are different ways to personalize the wedding shoes for men in common with the bridal sneakers. You can for example create identical Wedding Converse identical or you can go for Wedding Converse with some similar personalization elements. Most of the time, wedding shoes made as a couple are still differentiable. The wedding shoes for men are more simple while the bridal sneakers are more simple, while the ones with the most sparkle. The wedding shoes for women and men's shoes can be enhanced with elegant accessories.

Brides can gain a few inches in height by customizing the wedding shoes wedges. This option is perfect if you are significantly shorter than your partner!

Highlighting special people with wedding shoes

Some of your friends and family have been there for you during the preparations for your big day! Your bridesmaids and witnesses have bent over backwards to help you organize this beautiful day! Now it's your turn to thank them by offering them personalized wedding sneakers personalized. Unlike the wedding sneakersthe white wedding sneakers become an original gift for your witnesses. You can create a surprise by giving your bridesmaids wedding shoes for women a few days before the wedding date. Or you can offer them a fun activity with your girls to personalize all together the wedding shoes for women that they will wear on the wedding day. Your partner can also do the same thing by offering wedding shoes for men to his witnesses. With the wedding shoes for women and men, nice pictures can be taken to immortalize this beautiful idea.

However, you'll probably want to thank other people as well and you can! Did your mom help you through the slumps? Then personalize a pair of white wedding sneakers for women ! Your grandmother has an important place in your heart? Why not put her in the spotlight on this special day by giving her a pair of wedding sneakers for women personalized?

As you can see, the wedding shoes for women can be made to thank all the people who supported you during the organization of the big day. All you have to do is ask yourself the following question: for whom are you going to design wedding sneakers for women ?

Creating unique wedding sneakers for the big day!

The white wedding shoes are not up to the standard of such an exceptional day as a wedding! Instead of celebrating your wedding sneakerswhy not opt for personalized Wedding sneakers personalized shoes? Personalization allows you to make your wedding shoes unique and elegant! Like all brides, you don't want to have the same shoes as a family member. The wedding shoes Personalized shoes are an excellent option so that no one has the same as you! Indeed, on the wedding shoes for womenyou can add the personalization elements you like to get a pair of Just Married sneakers unique! Your partner can join your idea of personalizing your wedding wedge shoes by doing it on the wedding shoes for men. For us, a white wedding sneakers will remain forever engraved in your mind!

Personalization of wedding shoes has something to say

The personalization of wedding shoes is not just about making your pair of wedding shoes unique. Well, no! The wedding sneakers can have a meaning or a symbolism! By personalizing your wedding sneakers according to your personality, they bring out the person you are and therefore you are proud! It is also possible that your wedding sneakers become a real declaration of love for your partner. Indeed, by writing a love sentence on the wedding sneakers for womenyour partner will receive this message filled with emotions. Want to shout to the whole world, via the white wedding sneakersthat you have just taken the plunge? It's possible by creating wedding sneakers " Just Married " ! By personalizing the sneakers " Just Married " with your partner, you can express together what love and commitment mean to you! No matter how you personalize your white wedding sneakersit will always have a symbolism for you! What are you waiting for to become a true bride in sneakers with unique and expressive wedding shoes!

It's time to take advantage of the personalized wedding shoes

All the magic present on the wedding day can disappear in a few minutes if you are not equipped with good wedding sneakers. Sore feet often lead to a bad mood, which is not allowed on your wedding day! By wearing wedding sneakersBy wearing wedding sneakers, it will be possible to enjoy this beautiful day as it should be. Comfort is an important element that should not be neglected during your wedding! This is a good thing because the white wedding shoes are so comfortable that you will feel like you are walking on clouds all day long. But that's not all! The shame of your wedding day is also over... With the wedding sneakers for womenWith wedding sneakers for women, any risk of falling disappears! You can walk with peace of mind, because the wedding sneakers You can also walk with a confident and natural gait, we love that! Psst, you are not the only one who can enjoy the white wedding sneakersyour partner can join you by wearing wedding sneakers for men!

It's time to enjoy the big day until the end of the night with white wedding shoes for women. Chase away the dark clouds with wedding sneakers on your feet!

Your personality on your wedding shoes

Do you know what is forbidden to put aside in everyday life and especially on your wedding day? Your personality! How can you showcase your personality during your wedding? On your wedding sneakers ! You've got it right! It is possible to personalize a pair of white wedding sneakers for women to make them unique for the big day. On the customization module, you will be able to design your pair of wedding sneakers from A to Z starting with the choice of the model. Then comes the fun part: the personalization of your wedding sneakers for women ! Several elements of personalization will enhance your pair of white wedding sneakers rhinestones, inscriptions, drawings, patterns, satin bows or tulle veil. Will you create the famous shoes " Just married " ? that look like you? When designing your wedding sneakersThere is only one rule to respect: have fun!

In just a few minutes, beautiful Converse platform shoes customized to your according to your personality will be ready! With these personalized shoes on your feet, you'll be the talk of the town at your wedding in sneakers ! Now it's your partner's turn to customize wedding sneakers for men !

Personalized wedding shoes as a couple

How about designing a pair of wedding sneakers as a couple for your big day? Customized shoes are modern and original for an event like a wedding. To add even more authenticity and personality to your outfit, become bride and groom in white sneakers sneakers is a great option! Just imagine the photos you can take with the bridal sneakers and the white wedding sneakers for men ! There are different ways to personalize wedding shoes. But either way, whether it's a discreet or a very obvious touch, the bride and groom in sneakers will be elegant and especially in agreement! First of all, it is possible to design wedding sneakers for men almost similar to those of the bride who will add rhinestones or other more feminine elements on these wedding shoes. Second, it is possible to create different wedding shoes with only a few elements in common. The men's wedding sneakers could have a different inscription, but the same designs as yours! The last solution is to get married in women's sneakers The last option is to get married in women's sneakers that are personalized but not related to your partner's wedding shoes. It's up to you and your partner to decide.

Getting married in sneakers personalized sneakers as a couple also brings a similarity between your two wedding outfits! It proves that you are connected even on the big day and that is really beautiful!

The life of wedding shoes after the big day

You enjoyed your wedding by being a bride with sneakers ? After the big day, it is forbidden to carefully put away the wedding sneakers in their box and never put them back on again! It will be much easier to put on your wedding dress sneakers every day. wedding dress sneakers than the big day outfit! These white wedding sneakersThese white wedding sneakers, after the big day, become one of the most unique and original souvenirs of this beautiful and emotional day. You want to remember this precious day? Put on your wedding sneakers for women ! Is it your wedding anniversary soon? Suggest to your partner to put on your wedding sneakers personalized especially for this particular event. For every little outing with your lover, put on your wedding sneakers ! But that's not all, the women's wedding sneakers can accompany you in everyday life to complete your outfits! And that even for your partner, he will be able to put on the wedding sneakers for men when he wants to be in comfortable shoes at work for example!

Wedding shoes have a life after the big day! Fill your women's wedding sneakers with with other memories to make them even more valuable to you!


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