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Air force 1 custom

Do not change your habits, get married in Nike air force 1 customs!

Are sneakers an integral part of your everyday style? Why should you change your habits on your wedding day? Dare to change by wearing Nike air force 1 customs ! Also, if you've never worn heels before, don't risk doing so at your wedding. It could turn into a nightmare... Avoid pre-wedding anxieties by opting for Nike air force 1 customs that will reflect your personality! With sneakers with flat soles, you are sure and certain that everything will go well. It's up to you to make the choice that will free your mind and put you at ease.

Stand out by opting for the Nike air force 1 customs

The wedding has many traditions as old as the world. The bride will wear a white dress with white shoes with heels while the groom will be dressed in a three-piece suit or tailcoat. Today, all that is over! We leave more and more room for modernity! So stand out by wearing Nike air force 1 customs to your wedding! You don't have to feel stuck in traditions. Sometimes change is good, especially when it's for Nike air force 1 customs!

Where does this idea of getting married in Nike air force 1 customs come from?

With the emergence of DIY, more and more brands and people started to customize their Nike air force 1 customs in a "Street Wear" style. The brands have expanded their range by releasing new models, new colors and customization modules on their website. Today, the bride and groom have decided to put comfort first at their wedding, that's where the idea of getting married in Nike air force 1 customs came from! We love this brilliant idea, don't you?

Double G Customs realize your Nike air force 1 customs for your wedding!

Since 2015, Double G Customs is here to help you with your wedding Nike air force 1 customs customization! This company wants to make finding wedding shoes easier by customizing sneakers. You want to wear original sneakers? Then you are at the right place! There are several ways to create your pair of Nike air force 1 customs. First of all, via the store. In this one, several models of custom sneakers are available to you. Just add it to the cart and your pair of sneakers is customized. Then, via the online creation module. This one helps you in the design of your wedding shoes. Several elements of personalization such as rhinestones, inscriptions, patterns, etc. can come to spice up your pair of Nike air force 1 customs. And finally, for the most creative among you, via custom projects. Your customization project is not feasible via the creation module? Then contact us, and we will be happy to create a custom project for such a wonderful occasion.

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