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Customization is on the rise!

The sneaker has already won over many fans, but sneaker customization is only developing. It is now that the desire to have a pair of custom converse, a custom air force one, or custom adidas is felt. People want shoes to customize so that they are different from other people's. A trend that is noticeable and will spread more and more.

This desire is already omnipresent in the wedding sector and this is the reason why more and more newlyweds decide to customize Converse to create unique personalized wedding shoes . We make elegant sneakers for men's and women's weddings from customizable Air Force One, customizable Converse or other customizable sneakers of all brands. A wedge sneaker marrying the date of the big day is possible, but the most successful models are the Air Force One to customize and the Converse customization.

For us, it is therefore a question of developing more and more exclusive models of custom shoes, of offering new ways to customize nike air force 1 or any other shoes to be customized and of innovating. 3D printing could well bring a new dimension to the world of shoes to be personalized...

Give sneakers a little too simple for your taste with Double G Customs

Everyone has at least one pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. Some, like us, think it's a shame to have the exact same pair of shoes as thousands of other people. Do you agree? The best solution is customization. For example, we offer air force 1 to personalise with rhinestones on the swoosh or Converse to personalise with an illustration of your choice. Custom text and patterns on a custom shoe design are also personalization elements that make you stand out from anyone who wears the same sneakers as you. Write your name or a phrase on your customizable Air Force or Converse to make sure you don't find the same shoes on someone else's feet. Finally, you can also replace the traditional laces with satin laces on your pair of custom Adidas Superstar or with tulle laces on your custom model of Converse for example. These materials will bring elegance to your sneakers.

For lovers...

To walk confidently down the aisle to your place at the ceremony, to dance the night away with your guests or to proudly show off your new status on your honeymoon, wear a model of personalized sneakers is just what you need! We specialize in the customization of wedding sneakers, and create both personalized Vans with a wedding date for the bride and groom, as well as Converse shoes for brides and kids converse for the children of honor. We can also customize shoes of any other brand, according to your wishes, and go from a customization of Vans Old Skool with a colorful sidestripe to a customized Vans model You think only chic pumps can make brides shine? Wait until you see a custom Converse with rhinestones! Can't mix a suit and sneakers? The Stan Smith is the must-have for a chic casual look, but a pair of Vans with a customization to match the colors of a tie or bow tie. Choose your customizable sneakers to customize online from A to Z, or opt for a collector's model, designed by our customization specialists and available for purchase online. In the wedding universe we've developed, the heart motif is omnipresent. Too cute on Converse kids of the bride and groom, glamorous in glittery red on a customized Converse sneaker, and romantic in the design of a couple of characters in your image on a customizable Converse high-top sneaker. Now all you have to do is get started on our site and customize VansNike, Adidas and/or Converse with all your heart to create the most beautiful wedding shoes...  

Shoe customization open to all

We all love personalized products that reflect our own style and personality, and shoes are no exception. The customization of Adidasshoes, Nike shoes or Converse is a growing trend that allows everyone to create, for example Adidas Stan Smith rose gold or customizable Adidas sneakers that reflect 100% who you are. With this trend, everyone can now express their personal style, create special memories and bring their creativity to life by choosing to personalize your Adidas or any other brand. As well as being fun and exciting, the customization of Adidas shoes with design or Stan Smith with hearts can bring practical benefits, such as exceptional everyday outfits simply thanks to personalized Adidas Superstar sneakers. With this new opportunity open to all, it's possible to wear sneakers that look like you and give you confidence! It's time to let your imagination run wild and start custom Stan SmithChuck Taylor, Air force one, or your favorite sneaker! What are you waiting for? customize AdidasNike or Converse?

Personalized shoes for different occasions

Did you know that personalized shoes aren't just for everyday wear? The Adidas superstar custom can really add that missing finishing touch to your everyday outfits. However, it is now possible to wear customized Adidas custom sneakers or any other brand for other occasions. In fact, it's now possible to customize Adidassneakers, for example, for one of the most beautiful days of your life: your wedding. Imagine enjoying this beautiful, emotional day to the full, thanks to your Stan Smith with hearts made especially for this special event. But that's not all Adidas Stan Smith custom can also become a powerful marketing tool for companies. And yes, shoes customized with your brand's image can set your company apart from the competition at a trade show. The Adidas custom shoes can also be a great gift idea to thank your employees for all their hard work throughout the year. Of course, this gift idea isn't just for companies. You can delight your loved ones with a beautiful pair ofAdidas Superstar custom ! They're not just customized Adidas that you can design from A to Z, but also unique shoes with sneakers from Nike, Converse, Double G Customs, Vans, etc. Personalizing Adidas is now a trend that can really be realized for different occasions that you might not have thought of! For what occasion would you be tempted to create a beautiful pair ofcustomizable Adidas ?

For fans of original sneakers

We're well known for designing customized sneakers for a big event in a couple's life: the wedding. But Double G Customs is diversifying to offer sneaker fans the chance to let their imaginations run wild and create their own custom sneakers. Nike sneakers sneakers. We'll help you design a pair of sneakers tailored to your desires and personality. Personalization is possible on a wide range of sneakers, enough to please sneaker fans: from Nike air force 1 sneakerscustom Converse, unique Adidas or customizable Vans Old Skool. There's something for every taste. We create Nike air force custom LV to dress up your everyday outfits Nike Swarovski for a sparkling party look, as well as customized customized air force one shoes with bold designs. Customizing Nike sneakers sneakers is child's play with our custom design module! In fact, we offer you the possibility of creating customizable Nike air force 1 customizable thanks to our wide range of customization elements. The Nike air force 1 customizable could have a colorful, patterned or rhinestone-filled Swoosh. It's also possible to create Nike air force custom sneakers: the right one with an inscription, and the left one with a few motifs! But that's not all: you can finish creating your own shoes Nike shoes with colored laces for a touch of whimsy! The days of wearing impersonal shoes are over! Now you can wear unique shoes every day, thanks to personalization of NikeConverse, Adidas, Vans and more. The whole family can take advantage of this trend with customizable baby Nike or personalized air force one sneakers for women !

For companies

The personalized Nike shoes are not just for brides-to-be or sneaker fans. Companies can also get involved in Nike customization. Double G Customs offers companies the opportunity to create from A to Z Nike air force one to personalize according to the message they want to get across. Personalizing Nike shoes shoes is child's play. Logo, slogan, colors, the company's already well-established visual identity will simply find its place on the personalized Nike shoes. Companies can have fun creating a unique design for the famous Nike to customize ! But why customize air force one sneakers interesting for businesses? Customizing Nike sneakers for your company puts it in the spotlight in an original way. Yes, Nike air force one to personalize are a great gift idea that will put a smile on your employees' faces. The Nike customizable shoes customizable shoes can also cause a stir on social networks and put your company in the spotlight. But that's not all: the air force sneakers can set you apart from the competition at various professional events. The Nike air force one sneakers are a great gift idea, but above all a marketing tool that will set your company apart from the competition. So, whether you're looking to give pleasure or simply use a purely strategic technique, the Nike air force 1 custom are very practical for companies.

Personalized sneakers: shoes that combine comfort and style

Finding the perfect pair of sneakers that combine comfort and style is no easy task. It's possible to search for hours and still not find the sneaker that's 100% right for you. We've got good news for you! No more hours of searching, we're offering you the chance to customize your NikeConverse, Adidas or Vans. In just a few minutes you can have a pair of Nike Swarvoski that will let you shine, from Nike custom shoes shoes or even personalized Nike shoes with symbolic inscriptions. The air force one or other brands allows you to enjoy the comfort of sneakers while adding originality with a few customization elements! We can help you create customized Nike that reflect the person you are Nike shoes to personalize that reflect your passion, customized air force one sneakers that appeal to you in every way. Rhinestones, colored laces, original patterns, pastel colors, etc. there's everything you need to design Nike air force custom ! The air force 1 customization leaves no limits to your imagination and creativity, so have fun! The Nike air force 1 to personalize are the perfect shoes if you're looking for comfort and style. So why not let your personality shine through and design your own Nike air force to personalize ?


A multitude of customization options for your sneakers

To help you create your own custom shoes shoes of your dreams, Double G Customs offers a wide range of customization elements. Whether you like minimalist air force one minimalist customized shoes with a splash of color, or even custom shoes there's something for everyone! The air force 1 customization and other sneakers can be personalized with symbolic inscriptions, such as a quotation, a proverb, a phrase close to your heart, and so on. This inscription can be accompanied by a variety of motifs. The custom shoes can also be created using original drawings of married couples or astrological signs. The collections of designs are far too large to list them all. But that's not all! Personalizing your Nike shoes shoes doesn't stop there. Small rhinestones can add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your customizable shoes. When designing your sneakers, don't forget that it's possible to personalize your Nike or Converse shoes. Every part of the shoe can be customized to your liking. With this wide range of personalization elements, there are unlimited options for customizing Nike shoes or other brands. So, what do you fancy for your shoes to personalize ?

Add the finishing touch to your personalized sneakers!

Personalizing your Nike or other brand sneakers doesn't stop at adding personalization elements. In fact, creating your own customized shoes continues with small accessories. These small finishing touches add to the Nike air force 1 personalization the final touch, the icing on the cake. But which accessories to choose personalize your Nike ? The first accessory we think of is the satin lacespatterned, colored, etc. Personalizing shoes with the original laces is unimaginable. After all, they don't match your creation at all! Go for originality by opting for satin laces laces, patterned laces, laces with a color gradient, etc. There are so many to choose from, it's hard to resist. There are so many to choose from, it's easy to add them to your personalized sneakers. For wedding shoes, we love satin lacesthey add a delicate touch to your personalized shoes. The second accessory for personalize your Nike or any sneakers is lace charms. These are little gold, silver or pearl jewels that attach to the front of the sneakers via the laces. These little elements can completely transform the personalization of NikeConverse, Adidas, etc. All sneakers with laces! What accessories do you most want for personalized baby shoes or for your lifestyle sneakers?