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Double G Customs is the meeting of the world of art and fashion, sneaker addicts and creative people.

Custom Since 2015

Since 2015, we customize sneakers to make you unique! Double G Customs Our company has years of experience and innovation in the customization of sneakers, thousands of pairs out of our workshop and as many satisfied customers. Since 2015 we are constantly pushing the limits of customization to offer you more and more innovative customization processes, a choice of model always wider and millions of combinations to make your pair unique!

Custom from Belgium

All our pairs are handmade in Belgium, in our workshop located in the Walloon region. No outsourcing, no subcontracting, your pairs are made directly by our Belgian artists with an incomparable level of quality and attention to detail. An original product made in Belgium to boost your brand image or your personality.

For creative by creative

Our custom shoes are for all creative people who are looking for unique shoes that reflect 100% of their personalities and values. Don't let your imagination run away with you and create personalized shoes that fit you. Beware, with our shoes you will not go unnoticed!

Teach creativy

The best way to promote creativity is to teach it! We invite you to participate in our CUSTOM ACADEMY workshops. These sessions give everyone the opportunity to let their imagination run wild by customizing their sneakers with the help of our specialized artists. You will be able to test different customization techniques such as brush or airbrush painting, beading, etc.

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