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Choose a model

Choose the shoe model you wish to personalise for your wedding from our different brands.

Customise your pair

Choose from a wide range of personalisation options such as inscriptions, beads, Swarovski rhinestones, designs ...

Receive your shoes

We make your pair and ship it in a secure package with tracking. The delivery time is indicated for each model.



Choose a model

Choose the shoe model you wish to personalise for your wedding from our different brands.

Customise your pair

Choose from a wide range of personalisation options such as inscriptions, beads, Swarovski rhinestones, designs ...

Receive your shoes

We make your pair and ship it in a secure package with tracking. The delivery time is indicated for each model.

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Create your own wedding shoes

customised converse wedding shoes by Double G Customs with the inscription Just Married and satin bows.

With our online customisation tools, you can create the personalised pair of shoes of your dreams in a few clicks.

The model

Start by choosing the shoe model you want to personalise. Go for lightness and simplicity with Converse. A low top for summer or a high top for winter. The platform version to gain a few centimetres or the 70's version for top-of-the-range finishes and optimal comfort. Do you want to add a bit of colour with the Adidas Stan Smith and their coloured patches or a more street-wear style with the Nike Air Force 1? You choose the model that best suits your wedding.


When creating your own pair of customised wedding shoes, you will have access to a wide range of options. These may differ depending on the model chosen and whether it is a low or high version. You will be able to choose among inscriptions, drawings of the bride and groom, patterns, pearls, Swarovski rhinestones, satin bows, tulle veils, laces... Thousands of possible combinations to make your pair of wedding shoes, a unique model perfectly in adequacy with your theme and your dress.

The deadlines

On average, the production of a personalised pair via our online tools takes 2 to 4 weeks, but the time frame can be longer for certain models. You will find the approximate lead time for each model. In case you need to receive your pair in a shorter period of time, we invite you to contact us before placing your order to check the feasibility of your custom pair project.

Want to personalise an Adidas shoe?

Do you dream of wearing a shoe with a special Adidas customised with a special wedding look for your big day? Have you chosen a wedding shoe the basket Stan Smith with an iconic design? You have two options. Either you choose a Stan Smith model pre-customised by our team via the "Boutique" tab on our site, or you create your ideal model from scratch via the "Custom" tab. Adidas shoe to customise via the "custom" tab. If you decide to customise your Adidas shoe yourself with our online tools, you must first select the model you want on the Adidas shoe to customise you want on the "custom-made" page. Then you just have to check the customisation options you want to create your own stylish casual look. Adidas to customize for a casual chic look. What if you choose a pretty drawing on your Stan Smith ? It's up to you! Double G Customs allows you to customise your shoes your wedding day with ease.

Simple and fun: getting married in Converse

Customise your Converseis to add your creative ideas to a blank canvas, just as a painter creates his work on a blank canvas. They are THE customizable shoes for the creative mind. With the many customisation options offered by Double G Customs, you can create a custom Converse that truly reflects your personality. There is a Chuck Taylor model that you like, whether you prefer a low or high model, with a platform sole, in a 70's version,... There is something for everyone! You can therefore create a Custom women's Converse or a Custom Converse for men. It's enough to make you both want to get married in trainers on the big day, isn't it? You can create your own custom Converse with our online tools. Why not one custom black Converse for the gentleman and one custom white Converse for the lady? You can also make the more daring choice of a coloured Converse! We advise you to make custom Converse We recommend that you make a pair of Converse shoes with a few identical elements, such as adding your wedding date to the back of your shoes or writing the words " Just Married " on each other's shoes for a harmonious look. Getting married in Converse It's never been so trendy, so make the choice to custom Converse to stand out with a modern and stylish look... Wear a Converse custom by Double G Customs !

Sneaker fans can even splurge on a customised Nike Air Force one with a wedding look

The model Nike to customize is the air force 1 without hesitation. It's a favourite of Nike and sneaker lovers in general. The iconic urban look is reinvented with Double G Customs giving it a more elegant touch. A pair of custom Air Force OneThe Nike trainer is the perfect choice if you want your Nike trainer to match your wedding outfit. Collection designs from the Nike Air Force 1 to customize have been created by our artists and can be found in the shop. They are available to order or you can use them as inspiration to design your own pair of Nike Air Force One custom made to measure. You can add Swarovski rhinestones to the outer swoosh of your Nike Air Force 1 customised You can add Swarovski rhinestones to the outer swoosh of your shoes to give them a shiny, luxurious finish! You can also create a fashion accessory that tells your love story by adding the date and place of your first meeting to your Custom Nike Air Force for example. With splashes of colour or patterns, you can create a design Custom Air Force 1 that looks like you. You will create a Nike Air Force custom shoe You will create a shoe that will make you succeed with excellence in the challenge of getting married with a comfortable and elegant trainer! You won't make any mistakes when associating your suit or wedding dress with your model Nike custom air force because you will have made the necessary colour or material references to match them. Give all the necessary light to your Nike custom Air Force to make you shine on the big day. Imagine the perfect trainer and entrust us with its realization to receive a unique model of Nike custom Air Force One to wear on your wedding day. We look forward to working on the model you have Custom Air Force that you have lovingly imagined.

A wedding in personalised trainers, that's stylish!

As you already know, the new trend of getting married in trainers is all the rage among brides-to-be. Not just trainers, but custom customisable shoes for the most beautiful day of your life! Classic traditions are far behind us, nowadays, putting on a wedding dress with Converse or wear Nike air force 1 shoes is no longer shocking. It has become a tradition that we love! Everyone can enjoy this foot-friendly trend: your husband with Personalized Converse shoes for men and even your bridesmaids with Nike air force 1 customised shoes for women. You can finally express your personality from head to toe with Nike air force 1 custom trainers. What a pleasure! Don't be afraid, trainers with . Nike air force 1 custom sneakers are the perfect match for a wedding dress. Don't hesitate! Follow this wonderful trend by choosing the model Custom Af1 for your wedding!

A unique pair of trainers for the best day of your life

The wedding is a once in a lifetime event. You will be the person in the spotlight for the entire day. On our website, ladies, you can customise your own unique pair of shoes especially for your wedding. A pair of air force one custom shoes that reflects your personality. What more could you want? You design your own pair of Converse with designs according to your desires and tastes. On your pair of Nike air force 1 customisedYou can add satin or tulle laces and golden " Just Married " lace charms for more originality! It is also possible to design a pair of custom trainers for men. Why not match your husband's shoes with yours? Even your bridesmaids could enjoy the privilege of wearing Nike air force 1 customised by you at your wedding. Your friends will be more than grateful to you for wearing comfortable shoes to your wedding.

To immortalise this wonderful moment in your life, create a unique memory that you can keep for years to come. The personalized trainers will form that special memory of your wedding. It will even be possible to put on the Nike custom air force for women or the Stan Smith patterned after the wedding. A pair of shoes is much easier to put back on than a wedding dress, isn't it?

Dancing the night away with wedding sneakers

Your wedding day will not be easy... To avoid foot pain, it's best to choose comfortable shoes like the Nike air force one personalised. With wedding sneakersTo avoid foot pain, it's best to choose comfortable shoes like Nike shoes. With Nike shoes, you can enjoy your wedding until the end of the night, without having to leave the party to change your shoes! However, you can wear heels for the civil and religious ceremony and replace them with Nike air force 1 customised or Adidas designs to celebrate with your guests. Your husband is also entitled to comfort throughout the day, so think of him by making Customisable Converse for men.

Double G Customs create the pair of shoes of your dreams

Choosing wedding shoes is not an easy task and Double G Customs wants to make your life easier. That's why we offer you to make a pair of customised trainers that suits you! You can trust Double G Customs for customize your white Converse or any other shoe models including the custom af1 from Nike. We work with professionals who make, in our workshop, the pair of Nike air force one custom for women by hand in our workshop. We carry out a meticulous work which allows us to manufacture a pair ofAdidas superstar customs authentic and aesthetic.

Our online shop is composed of predefined shoe models to be adapted according to your desires of Nike customsand Converse designs and other pairs of shoes. There is something for everyone! It is also possible to make custom trainers You can also create your own personalised shoes. By letting your imagination run wild, you can design a unique pair ofAir force 1 custom unique for your wedding.

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