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Nike custom

A pair of Nike customs for you and your husband

Want to spend part of your wedding in trainers? What a great idea! Are you looking for an original idea for personalised shoes? Double G Customs is here to help you design your own shoes. Nike customs. In order to customise your wedding shoes, we assume that the personalisation made should look like you. You can create two pairs of shoes that are linked by some common elements. But to be truly original, design two pairs of shoes that are identical or nearly so. If you write 'Mrs' on your pair and put 'Mr' on your husband's. Design the Nike customs together to agree on what to put on them. Now it's up to you to design your own pair of Nike customs for you and your husband.


What can I add to my Nike customs?

To create a pair of Nike customs, Double G Customs offers a wide range of customisation elements. In just a few clicks, you can create your own pair of customised shoes using the customisation module. Strass, pearls, inscriptions, patterns, are a part of what you can add on your pair of Nike customs. You can choose the location of the inscriptions and also what you want to write and with which font on your shoes. You can choose the design that you think best represents the love you share with your husband. You can also complement the Nike Swoosh with Swarovski rhinestones, pearls or a nice mix of the two. If you are not happy with the wide range of elements on your Nike customs, we offer you the opportunity to create a bespoke design from your imagination. Double G customs will gladly create unique Nike customs especially for you.


Are the accessories compatible with Nike customs?

The accessories are compatible with all custom trainers including Nike customs. We've chosen accessories to match all pairs and styles of customisation so that they can appeal to all tastes. Among the accessories to find are the famous satin laces that add a touch of glamour to your pair of custom trainers. They are available in four colours: white, gold, silver and powder pink. Next, satin laces add a touch of whimsy to your Nike customs. You can choose between four colours: white, gold, powder pink and gold pink. Finally, if you want to complete your pair of Nike customs with a subtle element, add the "Charm Laces Just Married ". These little gold medallions that you attach to the front of your shoe via the laces are perfect for a little sparkle.