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A custom Converse by Double G Customs

The shoe customisation workshop, Double G Customs, transforms shoes of all brands into wedding shoes. This can be done by changing colours, adding inscriptions or patterns, embroidery, prints or other elements, ... The Converse Chuck Taylor model is perfect for our artists who make unique customizations on his canvas like a painter paints his work. All this while respecting your wishes of course for a Converse custom that meets your expectations! You can find inspiring models of custom Converse on social networks or in the gallery of our website. This is THE trend to adopt for a cool and stylish look on your wedding day.

A custom Converse like in your dreams

Have you been dreaming for years about the princess wedding you want to have? Do you like to imagine the smallest details to make everything perfect? Recently you have seen brides opting for the cool option of getting married in Converse and you have imagined some details on a custom Converse to sublimate your look and create the perfect shoe-dress combination? With Double G Customs, everything is customisable so you can create your own unique wedding trainer design in the perfect colours! Choose every option of your custom Converse and look stylish and comfortable on your wedding day. Your dreams come true in a few clicks thanks to Double G Customs.

How to create a custom Converse?

There's nothing complicated about ordering your brand new pair of custom Converse sneakers with Double G Customs! In the "custom" tab of our website, all our custom trainer models are displayed. For the Converse brand, you can choose from many different models such as the Converse lift, 70's, low or hi. You can click on the one you want. Then all the possible customisation options for this model are displayed, such as adding inscriptions, designs, Swarovski rhinestones or even satin laces. You select everything you need and then you can confirm your order. Your custom Converse will soon be in progress!

How long will it take for me to receive my custom Converse?

A custom Converse wedding takes a little time to make. Every detail is fine-tuned so that everything is perfect on your wedding day! From production to shipping, every step is carried out with care and attention to ensure your complete satisfaction! Depending on the model you have chosen, the delay may vary, as the supply of certain models is slower. An approximate delivery time is indicated on each of our product sheets to guide you. Ideally, we recommend a delay of 1 to 2 months before your big day. Are you in a hurry to receive your custom Converse ? In this case, contact us to estimate the feasibility of your custom project.