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A creative creative animation for your event

Are you looking for an original animation for your event? Have you thought about a customization animation? Customization is in the air nowadays. Everyone wants to stand out and be unique in the eyes of others. So what could be better than a sneaker customization animation? We offer customization animations according to your event. Whether you want to animate a customer event for your company, offer a workshop to your loyal customers, animate a birthday, promote a festival, we can create a custom animation that will meet your needs.


You want to reward your customers, your employees or create an immersive experience for your festival or event? The CUSTOM FOR YOU animation is made for you. Our customization booth welcomes your customers/visitors and personalizes their sneakers, handbags, wallets ... live. Based on a library of patterns and designs adapted to the public and your event, we make flash customizations in a few minutes. Your customers/visitors leave with a great souvenir that will contribute to develop your brand image and leave them with an unforgettable memory of their visit.


Let your creativity flow! Are you looking for a creative activity in a small group where each guest can let his or her imagination run free? This is the workshop for you! We'll arrive with all the materials and take your guests on a mini customization course. With the help of our artists, each guest will be able to personalize his pair according to his desires. More than just a personalized pair, participants will leave with a unique experience. This animation is particularly adapted to small groups of 10-20 people for a birthday, an EVJF/EVG, a company party or why not for a Premium experience with VIP visitors during an event, a fair or a festival.


Get ready for an extraordinary artistic performance! Are you looking for a high level artistic animation that will attract the curiosity of your visitors? Our artists create live sneaker art at your event. Your visitors will be amazed and will dream of wearing such a pair of sneakers. And to make the experience even more exciting, why not make them win these unique pairs during a contest? Or offer them to the headlining artists of your festival?


You have a special event and you are looking for the best way to highlight it with a custom animation? Well, at Double G Customs, the Boss is a fan of marketing and he will surely have a crazy idea to create a custom animation that will reflect 100% the essence of your event and that will surely impact your audience.

They TRUST us

Engage your audience with a custom animation

Why choose a custom animation for your event?

Personalization is in the air

We are all looking for unique items that reflect our personality and set us apart from others. So what could be better than being able to customize your own shoes to get a unique pair!

The sneakers have the quotte

Take a walk around town and look at the shoes people are wearing around you, you will notice that sneakers are omnipresent! Over the years, they have won over all age groups and have become an essential part of every wardrobe. The biggest luxury brands start to produce them, the collaborations and limited editions are snatched away at their releases, the sneaker is the new fashion icon.

The quest for experience

People are no longer just looking for specific products, they want to live exclusive and enriching experiences. These experiences show who they are and they want to share them with their communities on social networks.

So, are you convinced that a custom animation is the ideal option for your event?