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Double G Customs Wedding Sneakers custom


Wedding Sneakers from Double G Customs are a beautiful blank canvas for all customization fans who want to add some originality to their everyday outfits!

Shipping time:

1 to 2 weeks

Unique personalized shoes

Customized design

Wedding Sneakers from Double G Customs can change your look by opting for a customized design! These sneakers are real white canvas for creative people! With drawings, inscriptions, patterns, sequins or other elements, Wedding Snekaers will become unique shoes straight out of your imagination!

Creativity is the key!

Wedding Sneakers from Double G Customs are leather sneakers that leave plenty of room for personalization. These shoes offer so many customization options that your creativity will have no limits! Let her guide you in the creation of your personalized shoes, for a result that reflects your personality to perfection!

Double G Customs Wedding Sneakers

Imagine the pair of sneakers of your dreams and design them yourself!

Rhinestones, inscriptions, patterns, designs, original laces, there's everything you need to create a pair of sneakers that's just like you!

Customization knows no bounds with Wedding Sneakers from Double G Customs !

Add some color for a pair of shoes with pep. Let yourself be tempted by sequins to shine all day long. Or go for originality by wearing shoes with different personalizations!

Our advice: let your creativity flow!

Double G Customs was born in 2015 by offering a customisation service for shoes. If at first, the brand offered Life Style customizations, it is in 2016 with the success of the Converse Just Married that it turned to the wedding sector. Double G Customs now offers a wide range of customizable shoes exclusively for the wedding world.

Thanks to online customisation tools, it offers future brides and grooms the possibility of personalising in a few clicks beautiful shoes that perfectly match their outfits. Dozens of shoe models are available, each with thousands of customisation combinations for a truly unique wedding.

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