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Bons Baisers de Paname Simone custom


Peppy, elegant and chic, Bons Baisers de Paname's custom sneakers are seductive with their little kiss-shaped embroidery.

A fun pair of sneakers with elegant details. The brand symbol, the little embroidery in the shape of a kiss, adds a hint of delicacy and elegance to the white sneakers.

Shipping time:

3 to 4 weeks

Unique personalized shoes

Combining elegance and comfort

Bons Baisers de Paname sneakers are a pair of smooth leather sneakers of superb quality, perfect for dressing up your outfits! Made entirely of leather inside and out, this chic, elegant model offers all the comfort you need for a full day's walking. Bons Baisers de Paname sneakers are absolutely comfortable!

Fun, offbeat sneakers

This inspiring model has a touch of glamour and sophistication: the little kiss embroidery. This little kiss, a symbol of the brand, goes perfectly with the red and black customizations of the Asian theme.

Bons Baisers de Paname Simone Légende

Looking for a pair of totally Lifestyle sneakers? Add the inscriptions you like and the designs that represent you!

Personalize your Bons Baisers de Paname sneakers by adding your corporate colors or letting your imagination run wild! Your pair of sneakers will become a real marketing tool!

Lettering can be applied in two places: on the outside of the shoes or on the upper at the back.

For total harmony, don't hesitate to embellish your pair of sneakers with personalization elements in red or black to match the Bons Baisers de Paname brand symbol: the kiss.

The beige color is perfect for this pair of sneakers. This color is reminiscent of the patch on the back of the sneaker.

Isabelle and Luc, two Parisian friends, created the shoe brand Bons Baisers de Paname. Since 2016, they have drawn inspiration from their favorite city's prettiest neighborhoods to develop collections in the image of Paris. These two designers convey their love for Paris through their creative, colorful, daring yet elegant sneaker collections.

Isabelle's expertise comes from her work in major fashion houses such as Balenciaga and Maje, and Luc brings the wealth of years of experience in import-export. They offer high quality genuine leather products, made in ICS, BSCI and ISO900 certified factories and designed in Paris.

The stereotype of the Parisian woman is turned upside down by these two designers thanks to their creative, surprising designs, true to their love of Paris. Bons Baisers de Paname shoes and accessories seduce those whose lives are filled with desire and happiness.

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