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Bons Baisers de Paname Edith custom


Unique sneakers with velcro fastenings and the Bons Baisers de Paname brand symbol: an embroidered kiss. Elegant, chic personalized sneakers to add a little pizzazz to your everyday outfit! Your creativity knows no bounds when it comes to embellishing Edith Légende sneakers.

Shipping time:

3 to 4 weeks

Unique personalized shoes

Comfort and style

Sneakers that combine comfort and style are perfect for adding that little touch of fun to your outfit, while still being able to walk peacefully throughout the day. Bons Baisers de Paname's Edith Légende sneakers offer comfort and style in one! Absolutely comfortable sneakers that can be customized to suit your tastes and desires! There's only one thing left to do: let your creativity express itself by designing a unique pair of Edith Légende.

Original and trendy sneakers

What could be better than adding a touch of originality to your outfit with personalized scratch-off shoes? Bons Baisers de Paname's Edith Légende sneakers can opt for a modern, trendy look thanks to customization. With a few personalization elements of your choice (rhinestones, inscriptions, designs, patterns, etc.), you can create sneakers that reflect your personality and fit in perfectly with your clothing style. So what are you waiting for to design your own original and trendy sneakers?

Bons Baisers de Paname Edith Légende

Unlimited personalization thanks to a variety of customization options. Add a design, a motif inscription and a few rhinestones to the sides of the sneakers.

The beige patch on the back of the Edith Légende sneakers can also be a place of inspiration for adding a small motif or the inscription of your choice.

The little extra on this pair of sneakers? The laces can be embellished with the inscriptions of your choice. A unique place for creativity!

For personalization that blends perfectly with Bons Baisers de Paname sneakers, use the colors black and red. These colors will serve as a reminder of the kiss, the symbol of the Bons Baisers de Paname brand.

Let your personality shine through to design a pair of sneakers that reflect the person you are!

Isabelle and Luc, two Parisian friends, created the shoe brand Bons Baisers de Paname. Since 2016, they have drawn inspiration from their favorite city's prettiest neighborhoods to develop collections in the image of Paris. These two designers convey their love for Paris through their creative, colorful, daring yet elegant sneaker collections.

Isabelle's expertise comes from her work in major fashion houses such as Balenciaga and Maje, and Luc brings the wealth of years of experience in import-export. They offer high quality genuine leather products, made in ICS, BSCI and ISO900 certified factories and designed in Paris.

The stereotype of the Parisian woman is turned upside down by these two designers thanks to their creative, surprising designs, true to their love of Paris. Bons Baisers de Paname shoes and accessories seduce those whose lives are filled with desire and happiness.

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