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KIDS Nike Air Force 1 custom


Create a pair of custom Air Force 1 for kids with inscriptions, patterns, colors... A pair of custom shoes for a birth, a baptism, a birthday or simply for the pleasure of admiring a little guy or girl with a stylish look!

Consider customizing the Swoosh of your Nike Air Force 1 to change the look of your sneakers.

NOTE: Model may vary according to Nike collections.

Shipping time:

4 to 8 weeks


Unique personalized shoes

A custom Air Force 1 with softness, it's possible!

Although being a very urban and imposing model, it is possible to transform the aesthetics of the Nike Air Force 1 to make it particularly elegant and full of softness. The Nike Air Force 1 custom child with Swarovski rhinestones, for example, is very chic. Personalized with pearls, or a mix of pearls and rhinestones, it is very elegant. For a touch of delicacy, you can use light or pastel colors for the inscriptions and patterns. Break the codes and create a 100% unique custom Air Force One with Double G Customs.

A custom Air Force 1 child to assert itself

The interest of wearing a personalized sneaker is often to stand out. A child learns little by little to develop his self-esteem, his tastes. By wearing a custom Air Force 1 for kids, they can distinguish themselves and become aware of their unique personality. Choose the customization options that best suit your needs and desires, and get a pair of custom Air Force 1s that reflect your child's personality.

Nike Air Force 1

Select the customization options of your choice to create the pair of Nike Air Force 1 custom kids' shoes that will enhance the outfits of a pampered child with a stylish and modern look.

Customize the Nike logo comma, called the Swoosh, with a specific color, Swarovski rhinestones or beads. It's THE most remarkable detail on the Nike Air Force 1 custom kid's shoe.

It is in 1982 that the Nike Air Force 1 is created by Bruce Kilgore with the ambition to create a pair of sneakers with unmatched performance. As often in the history of sneakers, it was originally created for basketball. It is therefore THE model that will compete with Adidas on the basketball courts.

The Air Force 1 is named after the U.S. presidential plane and is intended to help athletes achieve incredible results. Its design is inspired by the Nike Approach model, a hiking model. It is the first sneaker to be equipped with a sole with Air technology that offers a better capacity of shock absorption and does not deform with time.

To date, Nike continues to develop new versions of this star model. We think in particular of the Nike Air Force 1 Special Field.

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