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CHILD Personalized Converse - high model


In just a few minutes, it is possible to create wedding sneakers for your child. Elegant, stylish and most importantly, unique, the custom design module gives you endless possibilities to design incredible custom sneakers. Let your imagination run wild!

Shipping time:

3 to 4 weeks

a wedding in personalised shoes

A unique style in custom Converse

Converse sneakers have always been a timeless design! With Double G Customs, it is possible to customize them to get a unique pair of Converse sneakers for the wedding! These personalized shoes made by you are a great solution to make your child stand out with a unique and fun style on your wedding day. With customization, you can create real little gems that your child will wear proudly. It's time to create the shoes of your child's dreams!

According to your desires, customize the Converse for children!

This incredible pair of sneakers has the ability to match any outfit, even wedding ones! On a neutral model, Double G Customs offers you the opportunity to let your imagination and that of your child express itself to realize unique wedding Converse for children! There are so many customization options that you will be able to create personalized sneakers that will amaze your child! Enhance Converse with elements that appeal to both you and your child!

Converse Chuck Taylor

Rhinestones to shine even during the day, elegant pearls, patterns related to love... Everything is possible with the custom module of Double G Customs ! Now it's up to you to create unique personalized Converse for kids!

The personalized shoes will become a memento of that precious day after the wedding. Keep the beautiful shoe box to better preserve your child's personalized sneakers!

It is in 1915 that the Converse All Star was created by the company "Converse Rubber Shoe". At the time, the company specialized in rubber clogs that were made to be worn, among others, by prisoners in America. It was for tennis and basketball players that the first All Star shoe in history, called "A11 Star", was created.

A few years later, in 1921, the basketball player Chuck Taylor lent his image to promote the A11 Star. He will go with the company's team (the All Stars) to various American universities for demonstrations on campus. The success of these tours will cause the change of name of the model "A11 Star" by "All Star", in reference to this team.

The name of this model will change again, ten years later, as a thank you to the basketball player who will have made famous this model that will be called "Chuck Taylor All Star". Until the end of the 60s, a large part of the basketball players are equipped with Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

Became famous, the star model of Converse knew how to charm the hearts outside the sports fields also. One thinks in particular of the actor James Dean who wears these sneakers in the film "La fureur de vivre" in 1950. The model will become a reference and will impose itself as THE timeless reference sneaker in 1969, at the death of the basketball player Chuck Taylor. Other celebrities have contributed to make the Chuck Taylor All Star a true icon. Indeed, it will be seen at the feet of Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, members of the Rolling Stones or The Who.

The years go by and the brand is bought in 2003 by Nike which proposes to put its know-how to the service of the Chuck Taylor All Star whose sales fall in the 2000s. The Chuck Taylor All Star II then appears in 2016, more comfortable and more resistant.

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