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70's Converse low model personalized for every day

Before you start creating your personalized Converse sneakers, it's a good idea to have a little idea of the Converse 70's model personalized sneakers you'll want to wear every day. To help you find some inspiration, we've put together this beautiful photo gallery of sneaker fans' creations.

Converse 70's model bas are cotton canvas sneakers perfect for transforming into a real pair of shoes that reflect your personality! When you create your personalized Converse 70's model bas baskets, you'll be offered a variety of personalization options. The first options are inscriptions, designs or patterns that require a color of your choice to appear on the sneakers. But that's not all: a few sparkling rhinestones and white pearls can enhance any part of the Converse shoes. You can have fun testing out different customization options to create the perfect pair to dress up your everyday outfits!

The Converse 70's low model photo gallery lets you see the final result of the different colors and fonts. What will you choose for your personalized Converse 70's?