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Nike air force 1 women custom

A pair of customised women's Nike air force 1s at the wedding?

Today, more and more brides and grooms want to find comfortable outfits that look like them on their big day. They want to feel comfortable throughout their emotional day. Why not also choose comfortable shoes that you can dance the night away in? The Nike air force 1 women's custom shoes are not only comfortable with their shock-absorbing soles, but also versatile and fashionable. In black or white, these Nike air force 1 custom made for women In black or white, these shoes can be combined perfectly with any outfit. Whether it's for business, professional or just for a wedding, these shoes will add a touch of originality. Double G Customs offers a wide range of customisation elements to create a unique pair of trainers for your wedding.

How to customize a Nike air force 1 model for women?

Making customised Nike air force 1 shoes for women is a painstaking and time-consuming process. First of all, you should know that the customisation possibilities for this pair of shoes are unlimited. Double G Customs offers you a special customisation of the famous "Swoosh", the Nike brand logo, by placing Swarovski rhinestones, pearls or a combination of the two. This will already make your pair of Nike air force 1 customised for women unique and original. For a bit of colour on your pair, you can choose to replace the original laces with beautiful satin or tulle laces in gold, pink and silver. Adding inscriptions, wedding date or designs like hearts on your trainers will give the final touch to your pair of personalised Nike air force 1 women's wedding shoes. It's up to you to choose the elements of customisation that suit your taste. Let yourself be tempted by the customisation of trainers for your wedding day.

What to wear with a pair of Nike air force 1 customised women's shoes?

As you know, the choice of Nike air force 1 customised women 's trainers is ideal for being comfortable in your trainers throughout the day. But don't worry, you'll still be able to wear your carefully chosen beautiful wedding dress to your wedding. Shoes are only one part of the outfit. However, the choice of shoes should not be overlooked as the shoes are just as important as the wedding dress. With the customisation of your shoes, the Nike air force 1 women's custom The customisation of your shoes will make them fit perfectly with the outfit you have chosen. Follow the trend and wear comfortable and unique trainers on your wedding day!