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Adidas Superstar Color Splash Black


Add some color to your life with the Adidas Superstar Color Splash! An explosion of color for a unique look. The iconic Adidas Superstar gets an updated look in this custom Adidas Superstar Color Splash Black

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3 to 4 weeks

Unique personalized shoes

The iconic Adidas Superstar gets a little color with this custom version by Double G Customs. These Adidas Superstar Color Splash are handmade with splashes of paint, which gives a fresh touch to this essential model of the brand with 3 stripes. Want to give your outfits a boost? The Adidas Superstar Color Splash is the perfect custom shoe to take on that challenge!

Discover also the white version of the Adidas Superstar Color Splash.

Adidas Superstar Color Splash Black

A touch of color on Adidas sneakers thanks to a paint projection technique!

The rainbow of color to add a personal touch to your everyday outfit!

The Adidas Superstar was launched in 1969, but its design started 10 years earlier. At that time, Horst, the son of the founder Adi Dassler, took over the management of the first Adidas factory in France (in Alsace). Horst did not have the same vision as his father and wanted to open the brand to the tennis market. It is thanks to him that the Stan Smith will be born, the Stan Smith which is none other than the big sister of the Superstar.
In 1968, Adidas, which is already established in the USA, decided to attack the basketball market. To create their new model, they start again from the mythical Stan Smith by adding the 3 bands and a new sole. Two models were created, a low model called "Supergrip" and a high model called "Pro model".
To improve the aesthetics of their model, Adidas decided to add the famous rubber shell to the front of the shoes. This was originally designed to allow tennis players not to damage their shoes while serving. The NBA teams who were initially suspicious, eventually adopted this new model of basketball shoes.
It is only in 1969 that the "Superstar" was really born because it is at this moment that Adidas decides to rename its two models under this name. And this name was not chosen by chance, it is a tribute to the Boston Celtics who won this year the NBA title with the famous shoes on their feet. Once worn by the championship winning team, the "Superstar" became the star shoes of basketball players. A few years later, in 1973, the Superstar was on the feet of 85% of the NBA players, the legend of the Superstar was on the march. The pair continued to be worn by NBA athletes until 1979. The Superstar had to find a new audience.
Its second life, the Superstar found it thanks to Hip-hop music and especially thanks to the "Run DMC" who were the first music group sponsored by a brand. The success of the Superstar continued until the 90s before falling into oblivion.
It is only in 2015 that Adidas resurrects the pair by launching a series of limited editions in collaboration with personalities like Pharell Williams or David Beckham. The Superstar made its comeback after 20 years of absence.

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