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Customized Vans Old Skool


Turn this pair of Vans Old Skool into real wedding shoes with the customization module! And don't forget to treat yourself!

Shipping time:

3 to 4 weeks

a wedding in personalised shoes

From skater sneakers to wedding sneakers

Vans Old Skool sneakers were originally designed for skateboarders. Today, it's possible to transform these sporty sneakers into wedding shoes! The online personalization module will help you choose the different elements that will make your wedding shoes unique for the big day.

Sequins on your wedding shoes

Do you love adding glitter to your outfits? A few small rhinestones can enhance the Vans Old Skool wave. Small quantities or not, your wedding shoes can make you shine, even in the middle of the day!

Vans Old Skool

Real skateboard shoes can be transformed into wedding sneakers with a little personalization.

Why not add a romantic inscription to the shoes?

This model offers the possibility of personalizing the wave on the sides of the shoes with color or rhinestones. The inscriptions will be placed only on the back of the Vans sneakers. A large pattern can add a little life to the front of the wedding shoes.


Personalize the special feature of this model, the wave on the side of Vans shoes. You can add the color of your choice, or make the wave sparkle with rhinestones.

Paul Van Doren founded the Vans brand in California in 1966. Initially, the company produced sports shoes for skateboarders, but soon expanded its product range to include casual footwear and apparel. Vans brand shoes have become so popular in skateboarding culture as to become a symbol of it. Over time, the brand expanded its product range while remaining true to its roots.
Today, the Vans brand is recognized and appreciated worldwide for its style and the quality of its products.

Vans shoe brand logo

The little words of our bride and groom

Add a touch of fun to your civil wedding with personalized shoes

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