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Nike Air Force 1 custom


Create a pair of Nike Air Force 1 custom according to your desires with inscriptions and patterns ... Dress the Swoosh of your Nike Air Force 1 custom with pearls, Swarovski rhinestones or a custom color for a unique area that will match perfectly with your style.

Shipping time:

4 to 8 weeks

Unique personalized shoes

Colours for the traditional Swoosh

Very popular with sneaker addicts as well as the general public, the Nike Air Force 1 offers a particularly interesting customization option. That of customizing the iconic logo "Swoosh". A comma transformed into pastel color, bright and / or with Swarovski rhinestones or beads. Indulge yourself without moderation to get a pair of Nike Air Force 1 custom and unique!

Nike Air Force 1

Add your brand's logo and colors on your inscriptions, patterns or others to create a unique pair of Nike air force one for your brand.

Rhinestones, inscriptions, satin laces, create incredible sneakers for your team!

This pair of sneakers has a streetwear style so have fun with customization to make it your own.

For an original customization of Nike, do not hesitate to dress the Swoosh with a solid color, Swarovski rhinestones or beads.

The Nike Air Force 1, the star model of the brand with the American Nike Swoosh. Designed for the sneaker classes by Bruce Kilgore in 1982, this pair will propel Nike to the top. At the time, Nike can not compete with Adidas on the market of basketball. They decide to entrust the creation of a new model to Mr. Kilgore with the aim of dethroning Adidas by creating a pair with unparalleled performance. The pair was codenamed AIR FORCE 1 like the American presidential plane. The name "Air Force 1" is intended to foreshadow the heights that athletes can reach with this new pair of revolutionary technology.
The Air Force 1 is the first pair to be equipped with the AIR cushioning technology sole, this new technology is based on a system of different air units that better absorb shocks and do not deform over time. The design of the Air Force 1 is inspired by another Nike model, the Nike Approach. This hiking model fallen into oblivion is therefore at the origin of the greatest success of the brand with the Swoosh.
Since then, Nike has continued to reinvent the Air Force 1. With no less than 1700 different versions, the Air Force 1 will probably remain the most emblematic model of Nike if not of the whole Sneakers culture.

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