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Create a custom pair of Converse 70s for your wedding with our custom creation module. Inscriptions, fonts, satin laces, colors, you choose the different elements that make up your pair of personalized Converse Lift to create a unique model!

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Converse 70s Custom

Do you dream of wearing a pair in your own image on your wedding day? Thanks to Double G Customs, create a pair of Converse 70s customized to your desires. Compose yourself the different elements of your personalized pair of Converse 70s for a unique model that will not go unnoticed! Lacking inspiration? Discover the models of the Just Married Collection for inspiration. Not enough customization options for your pair of Converse? Go to the Wedding for a pair of ultra-personalized Converse.

Double G Customs, One Universe


Double G Customs is the meeting of two passions: shoes and art. It is the fusion of these two universes which gave birth to this concept of personalized shoes.

Perfect shoes for a perfect day. We create customized shoes especially for weddings. With a light touch, we create customizations that perfectly match the shoes and your wedding outfit.

We work on all types and models of shoes to offer you a unique pair that will fit your wedding project perfectly. Discover the different possibilities in terms of customization for wedding shoes in the WEDDING tab.

We use professional products specially developed for shoe customization. We make it a point of honour that our customised shoes are 100% wearable like classic shoes. Since 2015, we are constantly pushing the limits of customization by developing new techniques, to offer you personalized shoes for your wedding that are always more innovative and close to your expectations.

This personalized pair of shoes will accompany you on your wedding day, but also long afterwards. Think of our protection, cleaning and maintenance products to take care of your customised pair and keep this souvenir of this so important day for a long time.


custom double g customs caulking for the just married collection, custom tailored wedding shoes. Converse custom wedding by double G customs.

The just married collection


The just married collection is made up of custom shoe designs specifically for weddings. Just married models are sober and elegant with just a little grain of madness! Whether you are looking for a sober pair with the converse wedding just married or a pair that shines with miles of lights with the converse Pearl, you will find shoe at your foot. Snap for our custom shoe designs for an original and quirky wedding!

A little history


The converse all star was created in 1915 by the converse rubber shoe company, which was specialized in the manufacture of rubber hooves worn by the inmates of the American penitentiary centres. At the time, it will be named "A11 Star" and designed for the practice of tennis and basketball.

In 1921, converse will call on the basketball player Chuck Taylor to promote his new model in American universities. He will organize several demonstration tours on American campuses with the company's all stars team. These demonstrations met with such success that the model will be renamed "all star" in reference to this team.

It was only in 1932 that converse would again rename the model to "Chuck Taylor all star" in gratitude to the player who made the company famous. The converse Chuck Taylor all star will then equip the majority of the basketball players until the end of the years 60.

The iconic converse has also been able to impose itself off the basketball courts from 1950 thanks to the actor Jeams Dean who will carry them in the film "the fury of life". But it is really only in 1969 with the death of Chuck Taylor that the converse Chuck Taylor all star will impose itself as the timeless reference sneakers that it is today.

It will also be a way to the music scene. It was worn by great names of music like Elvis Presley, members of the rolling stones and the who or Kurt Cobain who helped make her an icon.

Despite the success of the brand, in the years 2000, sales fell. The brand finally accepted in 2003 the offer to buy Nike which will bring to the service of the iconic converse Chuck Taylor all star all his technological know-how in the field of sneakers by coming out in 2016 the converse Chuck Taylor all star II. This new model, very close aesthetically of his big sister, first of the name will bring improvements in comfort and resistance.


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