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Adidas Stan Smith Custom


Create a customised pair of Adidas Stan Smiths for your wedding. Combining comfort and elegance, your personalised Stan Smiths will accompany you on your wedding day and long after! You choose the different elements that make up your personalised pair of Stan Smiths: inscriptions, font, rhinestones, satin laces.

Shipping time:

3 to 4 weeks

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Create as you wish

For that special wedding day, make the bold choice that everyone will love: getting married in trainers! You'll be making the most of this special day and dancing the night away, so go ahead and design your very own pair of Stan Smiths!

The customisation options will allow you to spice up your pair of Adidas Stan Smiths to perfectly match your wedding outfit. This quality, comfortable and stylish trainer is perfect for saying "I do".

Adidas Stan Smith

Make your customised pair of Adidas Stan Smith trainers into a pair that changes with the perfect detailing for a modern formal look.

For example, you can cover your shoes with Swarovski crystals, or have your first name or initials engraved on them with a heart motif.

There are also pretty laces in satin ribbon or tulle.

You choose the different elements that will make up your customised pair of Adidas Stan Smiths.

The special feature of this model is the patch on the back of the trainers. You can choose to personalise it with a specific colour or choose a model with a coloured patch and have inscriptions of the same colour for a beautiful alliance.

The Stan Smith, named after Californian tennis player Stanley Smith, was not always so named. The pair was created in 1964, Adidas wanted to create a pair for the then booming tennis scene. To do so, they called on French tennis player Robert Haillet who created the design for the pair. It was not until 1970 that Adidas signed a contract with Stanley Smith and renamed the pair "Stan Smith". At that time, trainers were still considered sports equipment and not everyday shoes. It was the iconic Stan Smith that changed the game in the 1980s by making its mark outside the tennis court. 30 years later in 2011, Adidas announced the end of the mythical "Stan Smith" for 2012, the pair is no longer sold...

But in 2013, Adidas turned around and announced the return of the Stan Smith for 2014 to the delight of fans. Will the Stan Smith have another 30 years of glory?

Customized Adidas for weddings by Double G Customs.

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