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Adidas Stan Smith custom


Create a pair of custom Adidas Stan Smiths to complement your everyday outfits with originality and style. Combining comfort and fun, your custom Stan Smiths will take you to school, work and even out to dinner!

Shipping time:

3 to 4 weeks

Unique personalized shoes

Create as you wish

To spice up your daily outfits, create your own pair of custom Stan Smith! The mythical Adidas sneakers are a must have in your wardrobe, especially if they are custom made!

The customization options will allow you to spice up your pair of Adidas Stan Smith to perfectly match your personality or clothing style. This quality, comfortable and stylish sneaker is perfect for walking in style

Adidas Stan Smith

Make the Adidas Stan Smith a pair that reflects your company by adding customization elements. And don't forget to put your company colors on them. You'll be a hit at trade shows and other events.

For the sneaker addict, create an original pair with for example Swarovski rhinestones or inscriptions that you like. Let your creativity flow when designing your Adidas Stan Smith.

The Adidas Stan Smith model has a nice feature that you have to customize! The patch on the back of the shoes can be painted in a solid color, or customized with inscriptions or patterns. Have fun while customizing, that's the most important thing!

The famous Stan Smith didn't always carry this name. In 1964 Adidas wanted to create a pair for the tennis court, a sport that was then booming. They called upon the French tennis player Robert Haillet who designed the pair. It was only 6 years later, in 1970, that the German brand with the three stripes signed a contact with Stanley Smith and thus renamed his pair "Stan Smith".
If today everyone wears sneakers, at that time, they were still considered sports equipment and it is the Stan Smith that is at the origin of this change! In the 80's, the Stan Smith became popular outside of the tennis courts, it was the beginning of the "sneakers" (sneakers worn for lifestyle purposes) as we know it today.
If the Stan Smith has been a success for years, in 2011, Adidas announces the end of the mythical "Stan Smith" for 2012. The pair is outdated and no longer sells enough. But in 2013, the German equipment manufacturer reverses and announces the return of the Stan Smith in 2014. Bad strategic choice or marketing stroke of genius, always is that the sales of Stan Smith are back on track!

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