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Child Adidas Stan Smith personalized


Design a pair of personalized Adidas Stan Smith for your child to add a unique detail to their big day outfit! A casual party look with beautiful sneakers customized to his desires! We're totally in love with this model of little shoes! Let's go for the personalized shoes of your dreams!

Shipping time:

3 to 4 weeks

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Customized Adidas Stan Smith's that look great!

Today, everyone wears sneakers and even kids! These shoes tend to combine comfort and style in one pair of sneakers! With personalization, it's possible to turn a simple pair of white sneakers into cute little Adidas Stan Smiths for the parents' wedding! Add little details that will make all the difference on the personalized shoes for your child!

How to create beautiful custom Adidas Stan Smith?

When it comes to designing custom shoes, Double G Customs caters to all your child's desires (even the most unbelievable)! Thanks to the customization module, it is possible to create a pair of personalized sneakers for your child in a few minutes. Add rhinestones, beads, inscriptions, patterns, etc. to create unique, original and elegant wedding shoes! Once finished, Double G Customs will carefully make the personalized Adidas Stan Smith for your child!

Adidas Stan Smith

To create beautiful personalized shoes, add rhinestones for sparkle, beads for elegance, patterns for your child's personality and even a little inscription like their name. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity flow when designing Adidas Stan Smiths for your child!

Add elements that match your child's personality and taste! Feel free to add color to the personalized Adidas Stan Smiths for a day of joy and happiness!

It was in 1964 that the Stan Smith model was created for tennis players. At the time, it was called Robert Haillet, in reference to the name of its creator, a French tennis player. In 1973, Adidas made a deal with tennis player Stanley Smith, a native of California, who later gave the name "Stan Smith" to the sneaker.

In the 80's, it is not only on the tennis courts that we see it. It is imposed in the street and becomes a real fashion object that we see even at the feet of many artists.

In 2011, Adidas announced its intention to withdraw the Stan Smith from its collection for 2012. The sneaker does not sell enough ... But in 2013, Adidas reverses its decision and announces the return of the Stan Smith for the following year. Sales are at the rendezvous, the Stan Smith reaches its peak popularity in 2015.

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