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KIDS Adidas Stan Smith custom


Create a pair of custom Adidas Stan Smith kids' shoes to add a striking detail to a child's fashionable look. Combining comfort, elegance and modernity, these personalized shoes will be a delightful and surprising detail. First name, nickname, date, rhinestones, pearls, patterns, ... It's up to you to choose the elements of personalization that make you dream!

Shipping time:

3 to 4 weeks


Unique personalized shoes

We fall for a custom Adidas Stan Smith child

Today, the sneaker is in every wardrobe. Trendy and comfortable, the Adidas Stan Smith custom kids' sneaker is THE unique piece to have. In fact, shoe customization is THE remarkable little detail to catch the eye on a worked look, it's THE delicate attention to amaze with a gift that you'll keep for years as a souvenir, it's THE cute mark of affection to pamper the kids, ... There are so many reasons to fall for an Adidas Stan Smith custom. Whether it's for the pleasure of giving, for a birthday gift, a baby gift or a baptism gift, you just have to decide what elements you want to show on the sneaker and that's it! Surprise effect guaranteed.

How to customize an Adidas Stan Smith child ?

Double G Customs answers all your desires, even the craziest! Dare to create a 100% unique, original and elegant model. Thanks to the customization module, you can order a custom Adidas Stan Smith in a few clicks. Need some inspiration? Browse our customization options, check out our existing designs or contact us. Starting from the basic model, ask to add patterns, inscriptions, dates or other elements of your choice and Double G Customs will then design your pair of custom Adidas Stan Smith kids with care.

Adidas Stan Smith

You can write a first name, a nickname, a tender message, a little heart, you can make reference to cartoon characters or add Swarovski rhinestones, pearls, ... There are no limits. So, how do you imagine your custom Adidas Stan Smith kids?

Kids love colorful and fun worlds! Don't hesitate to add flashy or shiny details on your Adidas Stan Smith custom kids, patterns they like, ...

It was in 1964 that the Stan Smith model was created for tennis players. At the time, it was called Robert Haillet, in reference to the name of its creator, a French tennis player. In 1973, Adidas made a deal with tennis player Stanley Smith, a native of California, who later gave the name "Stan Smith" to the sneaker.

In the 80's, it is not only on the tennis courts that we see it. It is imposed in the street and becomes a real fashion object that we see even at the feet of many artists.

In 2011, Adidas announced its intention to withdraw the Stan Smith from its collection for 2012. The sneaker does not sell enough ... But in 2013, Adidas reverses its decision and announces the return of the Stan Smith for the following year. Sales are at the rendezvous, the Stan Smith reaches its peak popularity in 2015.

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