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Stan Smith pattern

Are you looking for a manufacturer who customises Stan Smiths with designs for your wedding?

Look no further. Double G Customs is here to customise your Stan Smiths with designs! This specialist wedding company bridges the gap between passion and professionalism. Indeed, since 2015, Double G Customs has been customising shoes for brides and grooms. The customisation of shoes is a time-consuming job done by hand by professionals. The customization of your shoes Stan Smith with patterns The customisation of your shoes will take between 3 to 4 weeks to be finished before being shipped as soon as possible. We recommend that you order your Stan Smiths two months before your wedding day so that the pair can be completed before your wedding. If you still want to have Stan Smiths with designs for your wedding after the two month deadline has passed... Contact us! We will inform you about the feasibility of your request and make sure you get them in time.

What other customisations can I add to my patterned Stan Smiths?

It is possible to complete your pair of patterned Stan Smiths with other customisation elements. Double G Customs provides a comprehensive customisation module, allowing you to design your shoes easily. There are several customisation elements that are compatible with the designs on your shoes. One sure bet is to add a touch of colour by replacing the simple white laces with beautiful coloured tulle or satin laces. If you want your pair to sparkle, scattered rhinestones or beads can be placed on the shoe. If you already have a pair of shoes from Patterned Stan Smith If you already have a pair of shoes at home, you can send them to us by post at your expense. The shoes must of course be clean to ensure that the customisation will fit well. Are you bored with the designs already on your pair of Stan Smiths? You can buy a new pair of shoes directly from the website and customise them to your liking.

What to do with my patterned Stan Smiths after the wedding?

After your wedding, we suggest you wear your patterned Stan Smiths for every important moment you have with your husband. Pack them in your suitcase for your honeymoon. Take them to smell the restaurants for Valentine's Day. Put on your Patterned Stan Smith on your wedding anniversary, even if you're working! You may prefer to leave them in your closet to keep them intact. This pair of shoes will be symbolic and will represent the love you have for each other. It is up to you what you decide to do with this wonderful souvenir of your wedding.