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getting married in converse

Swapping princess shoes for Converse shoes

If you've never been a fan of walking around in high heels, then you may be worried about your choice of wedding shoes. But don't panic! Who says you have to wear high heels to get married? No, you're getting married in wedding trainers! To hell with the "what people say", getting married in Converse It's just what you need to feel like yourself on your big day. Getting married in Converse will be the best choice you've ever made, and there's no chance you'll regret it, unlike the choices we sometimes make out of convention...

Getting married in Converse is the latest trend!

Getting married these days means getting married at a time when trainers are ubiquitous and indispensable. So why deprive yourself of this trendy image that trainers have nowadays? We wear them everywhere, to the cinema, to the office, on holiday,... Models parade in wedding outfits with trainers on their feet, stars get married in personalised trainers,... The must is to get married in Converse! This trainer is a timeless classic, it is a mythical brand that has been successful over the years! Don't force yourself to adopt a confident and elegant approach with pumps, at the risk of spending weeks in them. Throw away this idea and welcome the most beautiful day of your life with serenity by opting for the wonderful idea of getting married in Converse.

We dream of getting married in Converse because it's so comfortable!

Do you really think it's possible to feel comfortable in a pair of Louboutins for the ten hours or so that your wedding will last, while driving miles to keep up with the hectic schedule of your big day? We'd much rather be getting married in Converse We'd much rather walk across the gravel in a pair of Chuck Taylors, move from table to table chatting to the hundred or so guests, chase the caterer or dance energetically to the hits of the moment. Getting married in Converse will ensure that you enjoy your day 100% and keep your feet whole!

Get married in personalised Converse for an extra touch of originality!

Double G Customs has made customised wedding shoes its speciality! If you love the concept of getting married in Converse but want to add a bridal touch to your trainer, we've got you covered! Customising your wedding shoes is a great change and is really stylish! It's an opportunity to make your wedding look like you in every detail! Follow your desires and create the personalized model you dream of wearing! Getting married in Converse shoes with Swarovski rhinestones, with satin laces or personalised with the date of your wedding, this is what you need to make sure you have a wedding shoe that matches your dress perfectly.