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Personalize your weddingshoes? We say "YES"!

If there's one shoe that's been on everyone's lips for the past few years, it's the sneaker. They adapt like a chameleon to match any outfit, and can be worn on all sorts of occasions. At the office, in the evening or on vacation... It's no surprise to see them on the feet of newlyweds too. To make them elegant enough to match your wedding outfit, you can personalize your shoes with Double G Customs. Imagine Converse shoes with your wedding date, Stan Smiths with a personalized color patch or Air Force 1s with a Swarovski rhinestone logo... Personalize your wedding your wedding shoes with details that reflect your personality, that's the trick to standing out from the crowd.

How to personalize your wedding shoes?

For personalize your wedding Double G Customs offers a wide range of sneakers to customize. These include Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike Air Force 1s and Converse Chuck Taylors, which come in high, low or platform models. If you don't find the perfect model in our selection, please contact us to let us know which model you'd like, so we can source it for you and make your project a reality. Once you've taken this first step, you'll be able to review all the available options specific to the model you've selected. This is for personalize your shoes from A to Z. But you can also choose a ready-to-order model from our collection.

Which shoe customization options are the most popular?

More often than not, brides and grooms personalize their shoes with personal inscriptions. It's a choice that allows them to stand out with well-chosen words like the bride and groom's nicknames, or the date and place of their meeting/marriage. You too can personalize your shoes with words of love written in a font and color that match your wedding theme. Some words are very popular, like "Juste Married" or "Married since...". It's up to you to find the formula that suits you and your other half. Your wedding shoes will be the perfect mirror of your love.

Customise your own shoes with a DIY tutorial

If you're a bit of a do-it-yourselfer and think you can get by with a tutorial on how to customize your shoes tutorial, we'd like to warn you about a few things. Without experience, it's difficult to customize your shoes and get it right the first time! If you just want to hang a pin on the canvas of your sneaker, no worries, but to write pretty characters by hand, that's another matter. What's more, the quality of the paints used plays a part in their durability. As do the products used to treat the leather sneakers before customization. If you want a result as elegant as your outfit, and a customization that lasts a long time without wearing out, we can only recommend that you entrust your project to Double G Customs.