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Dare to customise Adidas shoes for your wedding

In recent years, sneakers have become the must-have footwear for every wardrobe. In every season and for every occasion, sneakers can be worn with every style. So if you wear them to work, on vacation or at parties, it's not surprising to find them on the feet of the bride and groom! To keep up with the chic and elegant codes of weddings, Double G Customs offers you the chance to personalize Adidas shoes shoes with satin laces, Swarovski rhinestones, pearls, etc. Getting married in sneakers is trendy and practical, but you can't say no to the customization details offered by Double G Customs for personalize Adidas shoes shoes and turn them into jewels to match your wedding outfit. A unique model to set you apart from all those trend-setting newlyweds.

How to customise Adidas shoes for your wedding

You've made your choice - you're getting married in Adidas Stan Smith? If you're still hesitating between heels and sneakers, maybe both are for you... In that case, wear your pumps for the first part of the ceremony and your personalized sneakers for the rest! For personalize your Adidas shoes, Double G Customs offers easy-to-use online customization tools. You can either start from a pre-customized model and replace the personal information with your own, or create a model from scratch. You can also personalize your Adidas bridal shoes with prints, specific illustrations or other options. In this case, please describe your project in detail using the contact form, and we'll get back to you with a feasibility study and a quote.

What are the most common options for customising special Adidas wedding shoes?

Most brides and grooms who have have their Adidas shoes personalized shoes with Double G Customs choose to add inscriptions on the outer sides of each shoe and/or on the back band of the shoe. Choosing these options, too, doesn't mean you lose the uniqueness of your wedding shoes, since you can stand out with the words you choose, the colors, font or other customization elements that can accompany your inscriptions. When you choose the details that will personalize your Adidas wedding shoes, think of elements that reflect you and your love.

Do you want to customise your own Adidas shoes?

Sneaker customization requires experience or training to achieve professional-quality results. Did you know that shoes need to be treated to preserve customization details over time? If you don't follow the correct preparation steps for customize your AdidasIf you don't carry out the preparation steps correctly, you risk damaging the painted elements. There are many tricks that can be learned with practice, and the artists at Double G Customs have acquired expertise in the field since 2015. If you want a neat, long-lasting result, we can only advise you to use our team to customize your Adidas shoes. It's especially advisable for wedding shoe personalization.