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nike air force custom

A personalised Nike Air Force model for a touch of originality to your wedding outfit

Double G Customs offers you to create a model Nike Air Force Custom to wear on your wedding day to follow your desire to add a touch of madness to your special day. We're putting some traditions aside for a breath of fresh air! A wedding trainer will give your outfit a touch of style. You will enjoy an original look thanks to your personalised Nike Air Force model, the originality of which you will be able to measure as you choose the customisation elements. Don't hesitate, this is the idea to adopt for a modern and trendy touch.

A personalised Nike Air Force model, it's a change, it gives style

A bride in pretty pumps is a dream. A bride in trainers is stylish! More modern and youthful, getting married in a personalised Nike Air Force model offers a fashionable twist to your wedding outfit. Gone are the old traditions that must be followed to the letter! Assert your non-conformism and be yourself. The trend is becoming more and more popular, just look at the number of images of brides wearing trainers on Instagram or Pinterest! Give your model Customised Nike Air Force the style that best represents you, rock'n'roll, vintage, fun, chic,... Double G Customs will enhance your style with elegance.

The Nike Air Force model personalized for her wedding, a daring choice!

By choosing to wear a custom Nike Air Force for your wedding, you're making a bold choice! Although this is a classic and timeless model from the brand with the comma, it is a trainer with an urban style. You decide to leave aside models that are easier to match with a wedding outfit such as the Stan Smith from Adidas or the Chuck Taylor from Converse. We can only applaud your daring choice of a personalised Nike Air Force model which will certainly offer a shift in styles, a mix of genres. It's a winning combo to show originality and shake up the codes with a touch of fantasy at your wedding.

How do I get a custom Nike Air Force with a suit?

There are a few rules for a successful suit/sneaker look. The main point of attention for a successful look with a model Custom Nike Air Force and a suit is the length of the suit trousers. Avoid dropping the trousers on the trainer and go for a shorter line instead. The idea is to make a break between the shoe and the trousers. For the customisation, the idea is to hamonise the colours so that the top and the bottom match well. If your suit is plain, you can dare to have some busy prints on the shoe and vice versa. The personalised Nike Air Force model that goes with your suit will provide a perfect contrast between smart and casual.