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Create the perfect pair of personalized shoes for your wedding.
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Nike air force one femme custom

A DIY theme for your wedding even on your shoes Nike air force one custom women's

There is a new movement in weddings today: the Do It Yourself (DIY) budget wedding. This trend consists of reducing the budget for your wedding by making your own decorations for the hall such as table numbers, name signs, etc. We suggest you take DIY a step further and put it on your feet by putting on Nike air force one custom women's. Double G Customs offers you the opportunity to design your own pair of shoes for your wedding day! Thanks to the complete customisation module, you can create a unique pair of personalised Nike air force one shoes for women. Inscription, design, beads, rhinestones can be added on your shoes. If the customisation elements are not enough for you, we can create a custom project especially for you. Let your imagination run wild!

A wedding outfit idea with custom Nike air force one women's feet

Choosing shoes for the wedding is as difficult as choosing a wedding dress. However, there is an order to it. First, you have to choose your outfit, then the shoes and finally the accessories. For the choice of your wedding dress, you will choose a dress that looks like you and in which you feel comfortable. The shoes will come afterwards and will match your outfit perfectly. For the realization of your Nike air force one custom women's shoesIt's the same principle. You choose the elements of customization that you want to add on your pair of shoes so that it looks like you. We advise you to add the elements found on your dress so that the Nike air force one customised shoes for women match your outfit.

The suit and custom Nike air force one look will look great on your husband. And what's more, it looks great! The pair of socks you choose can add an extra touch of originality to your husband's outfit.

Match your Nike air force one women's with your husband's

Do you want a pair of Nike air force one customised for women at your wedding? Great idea! But such an original idea should be shared with your husband. Yes, ladies, you can also create personalised shoes for your husband! You can each design your own pair of personalised Nike air force one shoes. Or you can create two pairs that are related and look the same. How do you do it? Add the same customisation elements to both pairs of shoes. You may have to make some concessions and leave out the rhinestones... But you'll be a couple of original trainers!