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Nike air force 1 customised

A comfortable wedding in customised Nike air force 1

No more high heels that make your feet hurt at the end of the day. Let's make room for Nike air force 1 customised comfortable. Yes, the trend today is to wear trainers on your wedding day! Double G Custom offers you the opportunity to create a unique pair of shoes for your big day. Strass, pearls, tulle laces, the possibilities are endless! You can even create custom-made trainers with your own ideas. What more could you want? Talk to your husband, he might be up for it. You can create customised Nike air force 1's that match.

What if your bridesmaids wore customised Nike air force 1s?

Bridesmaids are important to you. What if you made them unique on your wedding day too? You have chosen them, that is a nice gesture. And what if you organised a surprise by creating customised Nike air force 1 customised ? Not only will they be surprised, but a nice smile will appear on their face. Customizing their shoes can be easier than yours. You don't want them to steal the show! We recommend creating a simple customised pair of Nike air force 1 's with a few beads and a pretty tulle or satin lace.

Customised Nike air force 1s, an original idea

Don't you think that wearing trainers on your wedding day is an original idea? Double G Customs thinks so and many other brides who have already taken the plunge. There are only advantages to wearing customised Nike air force 1s. Everyone will expect to see you in your beautiful wedding dress and heels... Imagine their faces when they find out you're wearing trainers, but not just any trainers: customised Nike air force 1s! What a surprise! We'd love to be a little mouse to see their reactions.

Wear customised Nike air force 1s during and after your wedding

On your wedding day, you can decide when you want to wear your beautiful Nike air force 1 customised. Only when your feet can't take it anymore or when your wedding day starts? But what to do with them once the wonderful day is over? There are several possibilities, you can keep them carefully in your house or decide to wear them on certain occasions such as wedding anniversaries. What is certain is that your customised Nike air force 1s will be a beautiful reminder of the day you said "I do" to each other and the reasons why you are together today.