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Drawing stan smith

A design on your wedding Stan Smiths

Are you looking for your dream shoe to walk in style on your wedding day? Fantasy, colour, design, ... You can choose everything with Double G Customs, a workshop specialised in customising shoes for weddings. A trendy option is to add a Stan Smith design. The singer Pharrell Williams himself came up with several designs, in 2014, with a design on stan smith. The singer actually painted colorful, childlike designs on 10 pairs of Adidas Stan Smith collector. You can adapt this idea to your wedding trainer! Choose a design from our selection or tell us your idea.

How to add a design to your wedding Stan Smiths?

If you like the idea of adding a design on your Stan Smiths If you like the idea of adding a wedding theme design to your Stan Smiths, you'll be pleased to know that the option is already available via the online customisation modules at Double G Customs. Currently, a selection of 15 wedding-themed designs are available. You can select this option, tick the design you like and choose the colours. If you would like Double G Customs to add a design to your Stan Smiths that you, your children or a loved one has created, this is also possible. In this case, please submit your project via the contact form.

What design on your wedding Stan Smiths?

If the Stan Smith design option appeals to you, then take a look at the selection we offer via the online customisation module for customised Stan Smiths. You will find minimalist designs of couples in different situations. Some holding a banner with a heart on it, others doing a little dance or holding a nice bunch of flowers! These designs are perfectly proportioned for placement on the outer sides of your Stan Smiths. Double G Customs can customise your trainers with another design. For example, we have already created pairs with Stan Smith design for a whole family. The drawings of the children in the family have been added to the trainers for a fun and casual match. This project can be seen in the gallery.

Personalised trainers for your couple with a design on Stan Smiths

The option offered by Double G Customs of adding a design to Stan Smiths to make them unique can work for you and your partner. Perhaps you've both chosen to get married in Stan Smiths? If so, feel free to match your pairs 100% by choosing the same customisation option. You can always choose a different design for each other, or change the colour of the design lines or heart filling. We recommend that you match the colour of the design on your Stan Smiths to the colour of the back patches for an aesthetic result.