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A unique wedding look with patterned Converse shoes

You've decided to take the trainer wedding plunge and leave behind the classic traditions of heeled wedding shoes. Your wedding outfit is now heading towards a unique look that few other brides have had before you. Indeed, patterned Converse shoes add another dimension to your bridal attire, style! You will look elegant and chic in your wedding dress and casual and stylish in your shoes. Patterned Converse ! Converse All Star shoes have the power to match any outfit. The customisation present on the patterned Converse makes your outfit more unique and allows you to express your personality! Marriage is no reason not to be yourself and wear trainers!

What are the additional customisation options for my Converse designs?

Is your pair of Converse with designs is 'too' simple for you and you want to add more authenticity to your pair of shoes? What can you complement your wedding shoes with? You can make your trainers sparkle under the light by placing beads and Swarovski rhinestones in different colours. There are two ways to place them on the outside of the patterned Converse, either in a gradient from the front of the shoe to the back, or scattered around the pattern. On the back of the shoe, at the heel, you can add a symbolic inscription for you: the date of your wedding, your initials, patterns, etc. You can also embellish your pair of shoes by hanging a bow on the back of the trainers. To colour the Converse All Star, replace the original laces with coloured satin or tulle laces. With the customisation tools, you can express your personality through your Converse designs.

How are my patterned Converse made?

In order to make your pair of Converse designs the unique pair of shoes for your wedding, they are created by hand by a team of professionals in our customisation workshop. The production time of your dream pair of shoes is estimated at one month. Indeed, before starting the customisation, the areas that are not to be customised must be completely protected. Then, the customisation begins by painting the chosen designs and patterns. Once the shoes are dry, the rhinestones and pearls are placed one by one on the trainers. The professionals will refine your pair of Design Converse by tying the chosen bow on the back of your shoes. The last step is to wrap your pair of trainers in beautiful packaging. And there you have it, your pair of Converse sneakers with designs is ready to be shipped to your home.