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Create the perfect pair of personalized shoes for your wedding.
Create unique custom sneakers that look like you.
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Adopt a unique style for your wedding thanks to Double G Customs which offers the possibility to customize Converse

If you choose to customize Converse with Double G Customs, it is to create wedding shoes that no one else wears thanks to your choice of the most personal customization elements possible. Double G Customs is specialized in the customization of wedding shoes since 2015. All these years of experience have allowed us to offer the most original designs to brides and grooms looking for originality. To customize Converse shoes with Double G Customs and create your perfect model, go to our website and choose the Chuck Taylor model you will work on. High or low, platform, white or coloured... Find the perfect canvas for your creative project!

Why customise Converse with Double G Customs?

As mentioned above, Double G Customs has many years of experience in customising wedding shoes. This is an important consideration when looking for the right partner to design your wedding shoes. Customisation is an artistic discipline that requires the best technical skills and the right products to last. You can trust Double G Customs to customise Converse shoes with craftsmanship and professional quality materials. The result is sure to be elegant and exactly as you imagined it! Customising Converse shoes You can't improvise your wedding decorations! Entrust us with your project without hesitation, we will make your wedding shoes to measure with professionalism.

What style elements should be used to customise wedding Converse?

The choices for customising Converse shoes with Double G Customs are so vast that you could get lost! The choice is almost limitless, since each customization is done by hand and does not depend on machines. Here are some of the most frequently chosen options! You can for example customise Converse with the words "Just Married" accompanied by a small coloured heart. You can also dress up the front of your Converse with a mixture of Swarovski beads and rhinestones. The easiest way to find inspiration is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to see our designs already made. We'll be happy to help you make the right choices.

Customise your own Converse for the big day

On your wedding day, everything should be done to make you feel good. Everything should reflect you and your personality. What could be more important than your wedding outfit to make you feel good on your big day? If you've found your wedding dress or suit, now it's time to think about your shoes. How about customising Converse shoes to reflect your vision of love? All tastes and styles are allowed! You can customise Converse shoes with the words that resonate in your heart when you think of your loved one, with your initials intertwined...