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Customise White Converse

Is the wedding dress compatible with customised white Converse shoes?

In everyday life, you see this Converse brand on everyone's feet. Yet, each person has their own appropriate look... Dress, skirt, trousers, suit, Converse have this way of matching any outfit and always bringing a touch of originality. So let's try wearing white Converse with a wedding dress. Colour-wise, it's all good. Are you going to wear a long dress? We won't see much of your custom white Converse. If you're wearing a short dress, guests will see them! We agree that simple white shoes won't add anything to your outfit. But if you customise white Converse shoesBut if you add a touch of originality to your outfit! As you now know, white Converse shoes go with any outfit, even your husband's! Now it's up to you to customise your white Converse and wear them at your wedding.

What should you think about when customising white Converses?

Before customising white Converse shoes, you should keep in mind that you will wear them on a day that you will only experience once. It is therefore important that the customised white Converse shoes look and feel like you! If you wish, you can match your pair of white Converse to your outfit. To do this, you need to know what you are going to wear. Then, it's simple, you let your imagination run wild to customising your white Converse shoes. Want some glitter? Add rhinestones and pearls to your pair. A little touch of fantasy? Put a little bow on the back of the shoe. Want a simple and effective pair? Add " Just Married " to the outside of your Converse, etc. The design possibilities are endless with a wide range of customisation elements. You design your pair of white Converse and Double G Customs does the rest.

How long does it take to customise white Converse?

As a rule of thumb, customising white Converse shoes takes 3 to 4 weeks. But the time it takes to customise depends on several things. First, you should know that Double G Customs makes each pair of shoes by hand. It is a painstaking and time-consuming job done by trained staff. Secondly, the more customisation elements you add to your shoes, the longer it takes to create them. For example, rhinestones and beads are glued onto the shoe one by one. However, Double G Customs does its best to customise quality white Converse shoes as quickly as possible. The shoes are then packed and delivered to your home as quickly as possible.