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white converse customisation

Customisation of a white Converse

Double G Customs offers you the possibility to imagine the most beautiful customization of a white Converse to wear on the famous D-day and realize it for you! Free your creativity and let the ideas flow, everything is allowed even your wildest ideas! Every part of your trainer can be personalised with colours, rhinestones, ribbons, inscriptions,... Keep in mind your partner's wedding outfit and yours and match the details of your shoes to them. It can be a reminder of the bride's veil, the colour of the jewellery, the tie or the bow tie. The customisation of a white Converse with Double G Customs requires only a few clicks and a little imagination.

Customisation of a white Converse for the lady

We break the codes, but not too much with the customization of a white Converse for your wedding. You can distinguish yourself with a model far from the classic wedding shoes, but respecting the tradition which requires to wear a white shoe. If you are looking for comfort and do not want to shock anyone, the white trainer is what you need. The customisation of a white Converse which is worn with a wedding dress can be discreet with small light coloured inscriptions on the back of the shoe or more showy with shiny Swarovski rhinestones or a large inscription "Just Married" on the outside of the shoe for example.

Customisation of a white Converse for men

Gentlemen, if your wedding is more casual, you can wear trainers to your wedding. The mix of suit and white trainers is very trendy! A daring and original combo. We recommend a low cut Converse that shows your ankles rather than a high cut. This way, a nice fall of your well-fitted suit trousers is guaranteed. Customizing a white Converse takes only a few moments and will give you a well worked casual chic look! On the Double G Customs website, click on the customisation of a white Conversemodule, select your options and off you go! Psst... Don't forget to match your wedding trainer's customisation details to your other half's sneaker so that they match perfectly.

Customizing a white Converse works wonders for a casual wedding

More and more, newlyweds are looking for a relaxed, no-fuss wedding. A simple and intimate wedding. The wedding Converse is a good reflection of this state of mind! Customizing a white Converse will allow you to get married in a stylish and comfortable trainer. A casual wedding outfit doesn't mean it has to lack style! So Double G Customs offers you the most beautiful wedding shoe customisation options. To successfully customise a white Converse shoe for a cool, relaxed wedding, use simple lettering in colours reminiscent of your wedding attire.