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custom converse

A Converse custom by Double G Customs

Double G Customs carries out your wedding shoe customisation projects. Many newlyweds opt for a Converse wedding and some want to personalise them with a splash of colour or shine. The artists Double G Customs come into play and add the elements of your choice to the white canvas of the Chuck Taylors for an Converse customisation stylish. Converse is the preferred brand of trainer for wedding shoe customisation. The Chuck Taylor comes in so many designs that there is something for everyone. You can customize a high, low, platform,... You will surely find a Converse model adapted to your wedding outfit.

A Converse custom as you imagined it

You're about to get married to Converse, and you have in mind the perfect model to match your outfit... You can't find it in the shop? The choice of your shoes is important, so don't give up! Double G Customs is here to help you create a custom Converse shoe with touches of the perfect colour to match your trainers and your outfit. The model of your dreams will be created by our artists to give you a unique trainer that matches exactly your expectations. Imagine every detail to obtain a stylish and Converse custom stylish and original.

How do I order a custom Converse?

A Converse custom by Double G Customs can be ordered in no time on our website. Either you go to the "Shop" tab to discover models already customised by our team. Or you can click on the "Custom" tab and create your own custom shoe from A to Z. Converse custom. In this case, you must first choose the model you want. There is the classic version, the 70's version and the version with a platform sole. Each version is available with a high or low model. Once this is done, choose the colour of the canvas of your Converse. You will then be presented with a list of options and the possibility to see a rendering of each option. Finally, you validate your payment and that's it!

How long does it take to make a Converse custom?

As our teams work by hand for your customisation projects, it is necessary to allow a certain amount of time for production. We advise you to allow at least 1 month, or 2 months is even better for more peace of mind. If you are a little short on time, please send us a message indicating the latest date you would like to receive your wedding shoes. We will let you know if your Converse custom is feasible or not in time. Each Converse custom requires attention to detail to ensure a perfect result.