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custom converse black

Create your own black Custom Converse

Let your creativity flow and create your own pair of custom Converse black! Customise every detail of your trainer by choosing the colour of the inscriptions and laces. Choose also the finishing touches: pearls and rhinestones, tulle bows... Make the best choices to perfectly coordinate your shoes with your wedding outfit. If you're wearing a pair of black Converse custom shoes with a suit, the best choice is a slim silhouette and ankle-length trousers. The length may seem like a detail to you, but it's the key to a mastered suit and trainer look.

A black Custom Converse for the bride-to-be

Want to stand out with a pair of black or coloured Custom Converse for your wedding? Traditionally, brides wear white shoes for their wedding. But in recent years, many brides have decided to break the mould and opt for coloured shoes. Are you wondering if black is an option? Why not! Black slims the foot and is much less messy than white. It will contrast with the whiteness of your dress and will avoid the tastefulness of trying to match the tone on tone that is almost impossible with all the shades of white that exist. Create your Custom Converse black with Double G Customs and add inscriptions "Just Married" in white or pearls and strass for example.

A black Custom Converse for the groom

Gentlemen, treat yourself. You too can enjoy the comfort of a trainer on your wedding day! The timeless design of the Converse makes it easy to wear them with a variety of styles, from casual to business casual. So for your wedding, dare to wear them! Design your own black Converse custom shoe with Double G Customs and match your pair with your bride's by writing the date of your wedding on the back of your shoes for example. A pair of black custom Converse shoes is the epitome of casual, so wear them with a sharp suit or elegant material for a perfect marriage of opposites.

A black Custom Converse to break the codes

Dare to be a little crazy on your big day with a pair of black Custom Converse shoes. The perfect choice for a groom looking for shoes that offer a mix of style and comfort. A Custom Converse blackConverse shoes are the fashion accessory to have on your feet when you have a long day ahead of you! Whether you are getting married in the summer or winter, there is no specific season to wear Converse trainers, they will match your outfit without fail. If you want to match your Converse sneakers for men and women, we recommend the Converse high top model.