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Customisable Converse for men

My husband in customisable men's Converse at our wedding

The days go by and your wedding day is slowly approaching. Everything is getting organized. Have you already thought about your outfit? The wedding outfit is very important. The choice of shoes is just as important. You need to feel good about your feet on that day. Double G Customs offers to customise shoes for your wedding. A great idea! Beautiful personalised shoes for you and your husband of course! We offer you to make Customisable Converse for men. Your husband will be delighted, we are sure!

How to design a pair of customisable Converse for men?

Double G Customs has set up a simple and detailed customisation system. The customization will be a child's play for you. The first step is to choose the model of converse you want, the colour and the size. Then it's time to customise! On the outside of the Converse, you can add an inscription, a drawing or a pattern. You can also add rhinestones to the outside of the shoe. To dress up the front of your Customisable Converse for menYou can add rhinestones or pearls to the front of your shoes. A small bow in satin or tulle will add a touch of fantasy to the back of the shoe. If this wide range of customisation does not meet your husband's expectations, you can create customised men's Converse shoes. We'll be happy to design them for you.

When will my husband wear the customisable Converse for men?

The choice of when your husband will wear the customisable Converse for men is yours. Together you can agree on when you will wear them. It can be during your entire wedding, or only at a specific time, or even when your feet hurt. Double G Customs creates your pair of Personalised Converse for men and that's it. For the rest, we trust you and we know that you will be happy to have them on your feet.

What is the life of customisable Converse for men after the wedding?

That's a great question! It's often difficult for men to carry over their three-piece suit after the wedding. The opportunities don't present themselves and the nice outfit sits in the back of the wardrobe waiting to show its face. Customisable Converse shoes for men are a different matter! Since they're trainers, your husband can wear them and complete his outfit with them. So he can take them out of the wardrobe every day. These men's customisable Converse sne akers are a wonderful souvenir of the day you sealed your union in front of all your guests. Your husband may want to treasure them and only take them out on certain occasions like Valentine's Day or your wedding anniversary.