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Personalized Converse for men

Ladies, as we now know, the new trend in weddings is to wear trainers. If you're on board with this trend, that's great! But you still need to convince your husband to follow it with you and create custom shoes together.

At your wedding, your husband will wear personalized Converse for men!

You want to follow the trend, and we understand that! Discuss it with your husband and together we can create a pair that suits YOU! First of all, choose the size of the shoe and the size of the Preserve. Do you prefer low or high Converse? Double G Customs offers you the possibility to customise your pair of shoes with several elements of personalisation. Indeed, on the Personalised Converse for menYou can add rhinestones, pearls and designs to the shoes. You can replace the original laces with pretty tulle or satin laces. To really add a touch of "you" to the personalised Converse for men, add an inscription. This can include your wedding date, your initials, the abbreviations "Mrs" and "Mr" or the famous " Just Married ".

What to wear with customised Converse for men?

You're in luck, because men's personalized Converse can easily be combined with any outfit. Will your husband be wearing the famous three-piece suit? The shoes will go perfectly with it! Does he want to be in your bohemian theme and wear a white linen shirt with mottled trousers? No problem, the trainers will go with his outfit. In short, your husband doesn't have to make any sacrifices on his outfit choice to wear Personalised Converse for men on your wedding day. A good argument, no? The trick is to customise the pair of trainers well, but for that Double G Customs knows, ladies, that you'll manage!

What are the advantages of personalised converse shoes for men?

Beautiful wedding shoes for men are not that comfortable. At the end of the day, you can be sure that your husband's feet will be sore. Personalised Converse shoes for men are so comfortable that you feel like you're on cloud nine. That's a great first argument ladies! Secondly, your husband can choose his own customisation to create a pair of Personalized Converse for men exceptional pair of shoes! We know that he may not easily say yes to rhinestones and sequins, but it never hurts to try. Finally, the trainers will be a wonderful and original souvenir of the most beautiful day of your life after your wedding. Your husband won't be able to deny that!


Double G customs believes in you ladies. You can get your husband to say yes to personalized Converse for men! And create the unique pairs that will look like you on your wedding day!