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Find the pearl with custom women's Converse

Are you looking for a pair of Converse shoes with a special touch to wear on your wedding day? The only place to find it is on Double G Customs! With their custom women's Converse module, you can add a design to your favourite Converse model, such as a little red heart or wedding rings. You can also add personal inscriptions such as your wedding date or your married name. The Custom women's Converse by Double G Custom fit any style and will make you feel amazing every time you wear them. On your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary for example!

Custom women's Converse to celebrate love

Personalise your favourite pair of Converse shoes with words that smell of love. For example, you can write "Crazy in love", "Yes for life", "Forever" or "In love" on the outside of the shoe or on the back of the shoe in small letters... Take inspiration from nice quotes or think about the tender words you exchange with your partner. You'll feel fabulous wearing your Custom women's Converse on your wedding day. They'll be a beautiful token of love that everyone will admire on your big day. In the days to come, your personalised shoes will be the perfect souvenir of an incredible day.

Imagine the perfect custom women's Converse model

Don't stress out about whether the options you are making for your custom women's Converse are the best or the wrong ones. There's no wrong way to customize a shoe... Just, if you're not comfortable getting started, you can follow these tips. Focus on the functionality of your pair, in this case it's your wedding shoes so think of them in terms of your wedding outfit. Add a splash of colour, whether it's pale or flashy, to tie in with your wedding theme. Avoid overdoing it, if an option isn't necessary then ditch it. What's next? Your custom women's Converse wedding shoes are about to be created...!

Love with custom women's Converse wedding specials

Your most beautiful wedding shoes are created in the design studio Double G Customs. According to your wishes, the artists of Double G Customs give the desired look to your custom Converse women. You can have a sober shoe with the discreet inscription of your wedding date in small on the back of the shoe. Swarovsky rhinestones can add the luxurious touch you are looking for. A large red heart can symbolise your passionate love. Laces or a satin bow can bring softness and recall the bow that closes your bridal bouquet. Double G Customs creates the Custom women's Converse that you need to reflect the love you feel.