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Converse design

Patterned Converse: a change that feels good, and not just for the feet

Are you not attracted to classic traditions for your wedding? Are you looking for originality and change? Trainers are the right solution! Indeed, trainers are not a tradition and it is quite original to wear them at your own wedding! A bit of change is good for your feet, which won't have to endure four-inch heels all day. The Patterned Converse will bring comfort and change. With these shoes, you will be able to dance without limits until the end of the night. Plus, you'll bring originality to your outfit by wearing the patterned Converse. We are sure that this change will positively surprise your guests!


A unique and personalised pair of shoes: Converse designs

The search for a unique and customised pair of shoes is not at all easy! If you have succeeded in doing so, we take our hat off to you! Double G Customs provides you with a creation module to design your own pair of unique and customised Converse designs. A large catalogue of customisation elements will guide you in designing your pair of shoes for the most beautiful day of your life. Psst, a little advice, let your imagination run wild and add the elements you like! Only you will wear this pair of Converse with designs personalized shoes.


How to make a pair of Converse designs that represent love?

First and foremost, the pair of shoes you are going to make should look like you and bring out your personality! To create a pair of Converse shoes with designs that represent the love between you and your husband, you must obviously start by choosing the design. There are ten or so designs to choose from, so we recommend that you choose the one that best represents your couple. Then, complete your pair of Converse designs with elements that represent your love such as the date of your wedding, your initials, etc.


Is it possible to add other customisation elements to the Converse designs?

Adding additional customisation elements to your Converse designs is entirely possible. Double G Customs has a well-stocked catalogue that allows you to add new and additional elements to your Converse designs in just a few clicks. Converse designs. Swarovski rhinestones and pearls can add sparkle to your pair of trainers for your wedding. A pretty little bow to be attached to the back of the shoe. Just below the bow, you can add a small inscription: the date of your wedding or your initials. A large inscription on the outside of the shoe, however, cannot be made as this is where the design will be.