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Create the perfect pair of personalized shoes for your wedding.
Create unique custom sneakers that look like you.
Increase your company's visibility with customized shoes.

adidas customizable shoe

A customisable Adidas shoe for your wedding shoe project

If you are looking to create a unique shoe design to go with your wedding outfit, Double G Customs is your ideal partner! It is a workshop that offers to create a wedding shoe especially for you from a Adidas customisable shoes. You can also choose a Nike or a Converse of course. The idea is to give the customizable Adidas shoe the style that suits you and the details that will perfectly match your outfit. If you like the idea, don't hesitate to adopt it as a couple so that you can both wear customised shoes on your wedding day. It will be a small detail that already unites you.

A customisable Adidas shoe for your wedding gift idea

You know that personalised gifts are the best and you want to surprise your partner with the most beautiful gift? Double G Customs offers you to give your partner a personalised version of their favourite pair of shoes. You can customise a personalised Adidas shoe with your wedding date, nicknames, initials or other personal details filled with love. Imagine a unique and meaningful design to give her an original gift, perfect for symbolising your union. Go to the online personalisation module specific to the personalised Adidas shoe and a few clicks later, your wedding gift will be ordered.

A customisable Adidas shoe to match your wedding theme

Matching your outfit to the theme of your wedding with a few stylish details is a great idea! With Double G Customs, you can customise your wedding shoes! You choose a customisable Adidas shoe on the website, and then choose the colourful or shiny details to add to your pair. If you're having a princess wedding, opt for Swarovski rhinestones scattered on the side of your shoe. Adidas customisable shoes. If you have a fun and quirky wedding in mind, dare to add touches of colour and/or original patterns. Customisation brings out the style and colours of your choice for a themed wedding that respects every detail.

A customisable Adidas shoe for a wedding that suits you

Are the Adidas Stan Smiths your favourite model and do you wear them every day for every occasion? It could be the perfect detail to create a wedding theme! You could ask all your guests to wear Stan Smiths on your wedding day. Everyone will enjoy spending the day with you, enjoying the comfort of trainers rather than suffering from sore feet due to infrequently worn shoes. For your own personal style, we suggest you select your customisable Adidas shoe from Double G Customs and modify it with styling elements or inscriptions such as your wedding date. Have fun and create a shoe that looks and feels like you. Anything is possible with a customisable Adidas shoe.