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Create the perfect pair of personalized shoes for your wedding.
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adidas shoe customisation

An Adidas shoe to customise to create the wedding shoe of your dreams

Double G Customs is your perfect partner to create the shoe model you dream of to accessorize your wedding outfit. Double G Customs is a shoe customization workshop completely dedicated to the wedding world. If you are looking for a model of Adidas shoes to customize If you're looking for a shoe for your big day, we can customise the legendary Stan Smith. This is the ultimate Adidas shoe to customise for a wedding. Its classic look, in white leather with a white or coloured patch on the back, makes it perfectly suited to customisation and will bring a personal and unique character to your trainer.

An Adidas shoe to customise to surprise your better half

The Adidas shoe to customise with Double G Customs can be an original gift idea. You can personalise the Stan Smiths with the inscription "Just Married" so that your other half can proudly display that she is a bride! You can also use the Adidas shoe to customise You can also use the Stan Smith to mark your wedding date and create a nice souvenir to wear on anniversaries for example! Personalised gifts are the best, so listen to your heart and create a unique and loving gift for your loved one! It's all online, by following our creation help modules.

An Adidas shoe to customise to give it a look that is 100% in keeping with your wedding theme

Do you have a colour theme for your wedding? Play along and customise the colour of the patch on your Adidas custom shoe! Stan Smiths have this patch, usually green, on the back of the shoe. This is a great feature to use when choosing your customisation elements. All colours are possible! Select the Adidas shoes to customize in the "custom" tab of our website and choose the option "custom white patch". You can also recall your wedding theme by choosing the colour of the inscriptions, patterns or designs you add to your trainer.

An Adidas shoe to customise for a wedding that suits you

Looking for a wedding theme, but don't have an original idea? If you regularly wear Adidas Stan Smiths, you can make them the special touch for your wedding and ask your guests to come wearing Adidas trainers! Your guests will be delighted to be able to celebrate your wedding day with you in comfortable shoes. And you won't have to worry about wearing shoes that hurt your feet. We bet you'll still want to stand out from your guests. So we have the solution! Opt for an Adidas shoe to customise via the Double G Customs website. A quick and efficient solution to create the perfect unique wedding trainer for the occasion. All styles are possible with an Adidas custom shoe.