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Customised trainers

The trend: personalised trainers for weddings

In recent years, the trend of the trainer bride has emerged. It's true, we wear trainers to restaurants, to work or to stay at home. So why not wear them to your wedding? At first, it was just simple trainers like white Converse or plain Stan Smith. The trend has evolved and more and more brides have wanted to add a touch of originality to this trend. How do you do this? By making personalised trainers for their wedding day. Today, many brides are saying no to heels and yes to personalised trainers. Your feet will thank you in advance. An extra advantage? Long or short dresses, jumpsuits, trainers go perfectly with any outfit. And even with the three-piece suit your husband will be wearing.

Which personalised trainers for which style?

Choosing shoes for a wedding is already a headache. And Double G Customs offers so many customisation options, it's hard to imagine how to make it any easier. We'll give you some tips on how to best customise your pair of shoes to suit your desires.

The white colour of your trainers personalized will correspond to a more sober look. As for the material of the shoes: leather will bring a touch of elegance while fabric will bring a touch of modernity. Avoid "sporty" trainers to keep the look chic and elegant. Want to complete your outfit with a touch of magic? Go for a customisation filled with rhinestones and pearls. Do you like fantasy? Change the original laces with tulle or satin laces! You can even put a bow on the back of your trainers. Choose the personalised trainers that suit you and your style best. In comfortable trainers, you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

When should you wear the personalised trainers?

Ladies, as you can imagine, we won't wear your trainers for you. Wearing personalised trainers throughout your wedding is definitely possible! But for those of you who are comfortable walking in 4 inch heels, you can only wear them at a certain time. You can choose to wear beautiful heels during the religious or secular ceremony and opt for your own heels once you arrive at the wedding hall. trainers personalized once you arrive at the reception hall. And why not put your heels back on for the dance with your husband? As you can see, you choose when to wear your personalised trainers and when to put your heels back on for the braver ones.