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Create the perfect pair of personalized shoes for your wedding.
Create unique custom sneakers that look like you.
Increase your company's visibility with customized shoes.

Custom-made trainers

Go for comfort at your wedding, wear custom-made trainers.

Your wedding day is quite hectic. You're going to be talking to all your guests, eating great food and most importantly dancing the night away! It would be a shame to end the day barefoot, as your heels are not suitable. Thanks to custom-made trainersYou can say goodbye to pain and hello to absolute comfort! These shoes have the advantage of being composed of a flat sole that will face every step you take without worry. A little customisation and you'll have a unique custom-made trainer that will be a sensation! Just imagine the look on your guests' faces!

My wedding dress and custom-made trainers?

Reluctant to wear trainers on your wedding day? We know that wearing a wedding dress with custom-made trainers may seem unnatural. However, white custom-made trainers go perfectly with every possible outfit. Suit, dress, trousers, shorts, etc. We wear them with everything! We wear them with everything! And why not with a wedding dress? If you choose them well and add a personalization in connection with your outfit... Your custom-made trainers will match your beautiful wedding dress perfectly.

How do I customise my trainer?

Customizing trainers is easy. Double G Customs offers a wide range of customization elements. With these elements you can let your imagination run wild and think of a pair you would like. First of all, you have to choose the model of customised trainers you want to wear from the following brands: Converse, Nike, Adidas and Double G Customs. Secondly, add the different customization elements through the modules. Inscriptions, designs, Swarovski rhinestones, beads and bows: there is something for everyone. As you can see, YOU design the customised pair of trainers and we make them for you.

Can I add accessories to my custom-made trainers?

Of course, the Double G Customs catalogue consists of 2 accessories. If you want to add a little shine to your custom-made pair of trainers, we recommend adding the "Charm Laces Just Married ". These little golden elements turn any pair of trainers into a wedding shoe. If you want to add a touch of colour to your custom-made trainers, look for satin or tulle laces. The original shoe laces do not add anything to your pair. By replacing them with nicer laces you can combine aesthetics with efficiency! Tulle laces are more on the fancy side while satin laces are more elegant.