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Create the perfect pair of personalized shoes for your wedding.
Create unique custom sneakers that look like you.
Increase your company's visibility with customized shoes.

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Live your wedding to the fullest in personalised trainers

In order to enjoy your wedding to the full, you need to be well organized! Good organization means thinking about the smallest details: what flowers will be on the tables, what your bridesmaids will be wearing, will there be a guest book, etc. Double G Customs wants to take the sting out of your wedding and offers you to wear personalized sneakers at your wedding! Unlike heeled shoes, in which we're squeezed and in danger of falling off at any moment, sneakers are incredibly comfortable. They'll be with you at the altar, at the cocktail party, and all night long on the dance floor! No need to change shoes, with personalized sneakers you'll be able to live your wedding to the full!

Worried about what your guests will say about your personalised trainers?

There's nothing to worry about. And you know why? You won't personalize your shoes by choosing random elements. Your creation will be unique and adapted to your theme and even your outfit. They'll have a style that suits you, and we'll create them with love. What's more, your guests may be surprised to see personalized sneakers on your feet, but they'll think it's a great idea! We even think that some people will envy you and want to wear personalized sneakers !

Who are the personalised trainers for?

The personalized sneakers are first and foremost for you! Yes, you who will soon be saying "I do" at the altar and celebrating with the whole family. We want to make you even more special with the unique shoes you'll be wearing. Secondly, personalized sneakers are also for your bridesmaids, who have the immense joy of bearing witness to your love. We can also personalize them for your bachelorette party. Don't forget, it's YOUR wedding, and you organize it according to your desires. For personalized sneakers it's all the same!

How to take good care of your customised trainers?

It's important to look after your shoes before the wedding. They're going to be put to the test that day! Double G Customs recommends protecting your personalized sneakers with waterproofing. After your wedding, once you've rested, clean your shoes so they shine again. If you don't have a product to care for your personalized sneakers ? In our boutique, you'll find a premium cleaning and care kit for your personalized sneakers . In an attractive travel pouch, you'll find the Sneaker Protector to waterproof your shoes, and the Sneaker Cleaner to thoroughly clean your personalized sneakers. A brush and odor remover are included in the pouch. Don't put them in the washing machine, to keep them looking as good as new.