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Treat yourself to the comfort of a custom Air Force model

Are you looking for a comfortable wedding sneaker that will let you live every second of your big day to the full? We recommend the first sneaker in history to offer a technological innovation that guarantees cushioning like no other. The customized Air Force model takes you ever higher, with an air bubble integrated into the heel for flexible cushioning. You won't feel the miles you've traveled in every direction to keep up with the hectic schedule of your wedding day. The customized Air Force model is the one you need for all-day comfort. Choose this model that changed the history of sneakers!

An original Air Force 1 customized to your style

The Air Force 1 has changed fashion history, and now comes in over 1,500 different versions. Now it's up to you to give it a new image and make it your own. Air Force model to match your wedding outfit. This street-style sneaker is ideal for loosening up an overly strict outfit. As well as being comfortable, it can be worn with everything and in all circumstances. With Double G Customs, you can add chic, glamorous and elegant elements to your wedding shoe to create your very own Air Force model that perfectly matches your style and wedding theme.

How does Double G Customs enable the creation of a custom Nike Air Force model online?

Ready to adopt the famous Nike Air Force 1 for your wedding and give them a unique style? Let's get started! We'll tell you how to get your version of the Air Force model. It's simple, creative and fun! Go to the "Customize" tab on our website. Each shoe model available for customization is presented, and it's up to you to click on the Air Force 1 model. You'll be presented with all the possible customization options for the model you've chosen. customized Air Force. All you have to do is select the available options and confirm your order! If you select options to customize with text, a free field will appear for you to enter your words. Tempting, isn't it?

Your personalised Air Force project from A to Z

Do you have a specific wedding basket project in mind? We love a challenge! Don't hesitate to tell us exactly what you're looking for. customized Air Force you have in mind when you imagine your wedding sneakers. You can also use photos to help us get your idea across. You can use the contact form on our site for this type of request, or contact us directly. We'll give you a quote and work with you to validate your customized project. Your model Air Force model will be handcrafted by our artists in our creative workshop in Belgium. Tell us about your wildest ideas!