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Air force one personalised

Customised Nike air force one's to celebrate your union...

Gone are the days of weddings when women had to wear high heels until their feet hurt! The new trend is to wear sneakers on your wedding day. But not just any sneakers, shoes customized to your personal taste. Isn't that great news? Double G Customs offers you the opportunity to create a pair of Nike air force one customized for the occasion. Would you be part of the trend by wearing Nike air force one shoes on your wedding day?

How to customize a pair of Nike air force one?

You want to design a pair of Nike air force one shoes but don't know how to go about it? Don't worry, it's child's play! Before you start designing your personalized Nike air force one, you should already have chosen your wedding outfit. It will then be easier for you to choose the elements to add to your sneakers so that they are correctly combined with your outfit. It's also important to create a pair of customized Nike air force one sneakers that look just like you. You start the personalization process by choosing the size and color of your shoes. You can then add an inscription, a motif or both to the outside of your shoe. For example, your name and your husband's name with a little heart, or the date of your wedding. You can also add Swarovski rhinestones or pearls to the Nike logo. And finally, you can decide to replace the original laces with tulle or satin laces. And that's it, you've created your very own pair of Nike air force one shoes ! Of course, you don't have to add all the customization elements. And if you have a more precise and specific idea, Double G Custom will create a custom project for you.

From the original trainer to customised Nike air force one: the story

Nike's Air force one was an ordinary pair of sneakers that became a pair of shoes to wear on her wedding day. How did we go from a pair of shoes to Nike air force one personalized ?

The Nike air force one was designed for basketball in 1982 by designer Bruce Kilgore. However, in 1984, Nike decided to stop the production of these shoes. Forty years ago, the pair was a great success and has been growing ever since. On the simple white trainer of the beginning, people started to customize them by adding colours. This made them even more popular! Today, the trend is to create customisations for weddings by allowing the bride and groom themselves to make their own pair of Nike air force one customised.