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Custom Air Force 1

Ladies, you're struggling to find a pair of wedding shoes that fit you and that you feel good in. Think of your husband then... The choice must be even more difficult for him. How about helping him out a little by suggesting he wear custom Nike Air force 1s to the wedding? Here are some reasons to wear them to argue your choice with your husband!


What are the benefits of wearing custom Air Force 1s to your wedding?

First of all, your husband won't just be wearing a pair of white trainers, but he can customise his own pair of Nike Air force 1s with whatever elements he wants. Secondly, Nike shoes Customised Air force 1 brand shoes are more than comfortable. For a day like your wedding, it's best to feel good in your trainers with shock absorbing soles. Your husband won't have sore feet and won't complain at the end of the day. And last but not least, the trainers will be a nice souvenir of the day you said yes to each other after the wedding!


What suit can your husband wear with customised Nike air force 1s?

Ladies, as you know, the choice of outfit should be made before the choice of shoes. However, you can guide your husband on what he should choose if he ends up wearing custom Air force 1s. Your husband can put aside the traditional wedding dinner jacket, which will be too out of place with trainers. As for the colour of the suit, your husband has carte blanche to choose the colour he wants. Concerning the cut of the suit, it is preferable to have trousers that leave the ankle visible so that the trainers Customised Air Force 1 to fit perfectly with the trousers. For the suit jacket, let your husband choose his favourite.


Casual style with customised Nike air force 1s

In everyday life, your husband dresses in a casual T-shirt and trousers style. A simple outfit that is still effective for everyday life. With the customised Nike Air force 1 's on his feet, your husband will keep his casual style that suits him. You will see that he will feel comfortable in the Customised Air Force 1 of the famous brand. However, you don't want him to go too far with his style. We hope he will wear a nice white shirt under his suit jacket and not a white t-shirt. It's still his wedding! For the customisation of the shoes, it is up to your husband to choose the colour of the suit and the elements that represent his love for you!


With customised Air Force 1 trainers your husband will already be original. Will he take the originality of his outfit a step further by wearing patterned socks? You'll see on your wedding day!